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Why I Stuck With Babywise

Why I Stuck with Babywise

As parents, we each choose different parenting methods, because not only are we all different individuals, with different personalities, likes, desires, habits, but also because each of our CHILDREN are different individuals. No one is the same, parent or child alike, and because of that I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself that just because one mom or […]

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Lies to Dermatologist 2

The Lies You Tell Your Dermatologist (And Why You Shouldn’t)

This post has been sponsored by the Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics and written by a guest writer on their behalf. Dallas Moms Blog only promotes businesses and products we feel would be beneficial to moms! Most of us are pretty honest with our doctors, even when they ask us somewhat uncomfortable questions. However, I bet […]

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9 Teeth in 4 Months: How We Survived(?) Terrible Teething

My son didn’t have any teeth at his one year checkup. I’d been waiting, anxiously patiently, for those suckers to pop through since, oh, about 10 months. Every more-than-normal whiny day, every puddle of drool. It was the same thought every time. This is it….he’s finally teething. I wanted it to be over and done because […]

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Kick Off Camp Season at St Bernard Sports!

It seems like as soon as the last bits of wrapping paper are picked up from the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about sending the little adventurers off to summer camps! Sleep away and day camps are a great way to provide your child with new experiences, new friends outside of school and, let’s […]

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Mom Confession My Body Won't Come Back Dallas Moms Blog

Mom Confession: My Pre-Baby Body Won’t Come Back

I knew exactly what to expect as I walked down the narrow hallway. Through four full-term pregnancies and one miscarriage, I had visited the ob/gyn an estimated seventy-nine times. And though I hadn’t been back to the office since my last postpartum check-up almost four years ago, familiar feelings welled up inside me. There it […]

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My Meal Mondays (A.K.A. Teaching Kids How to Cook)

I have all sorts of good intentions when it comes to teaching my kids life skills.  I want them to know how to do the laundry, practice financial responsibility, cook… But somewhere in the daily grind, teaching those skills gets pushed aside in favor of school, work, baseball practice, family obligations, etc. I have found that I must […]

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