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YEEHAW_ Texas Experience in the Metroplex

YEEHAW: A “Texas” Experience in the Metroplex

My husband is from France so we often get visitors or family members who come to Dallas fully expecting us to ride horses everywhere, live on huge ranches with white picket fences, and wear matching cowboy hats! (Their frame of reference for “Dallas” comes from the TV show if that explains anything!)  In an effort not […]

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FREEKIDZ Indoor Playgroundat Prestonwood

The MECCA of Indoor {FREE} Playgrounds!

Ever since I started to stay home with my girls, I realized that I catch “Cabin Fever” VERY easily! More than a day cooped up in our house and I could pull my hair out.  Especially when “Frozen” is STILL on rotation at our house. (Can we please find a replacement already!?!?!)  Someone recently told me about […]

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The Power in Saying “No”

I am a pretty extroverted person and do love to be busy, but after my second daughter was born I felt like I was drowning in activities and realized I was “surviving” my weeks instead of enjoying them. The best days for me were days where we had no plans and stayed home or went out […]

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DIY Holiday Marquee Sign


Every Christmas we like to add a new decoration to our home.   This year we have a beautiful mantle to decorate whereas last year we didn’t even have a fireplace! (Our stockings hung on an armoire ha!)  As I was shopping around I was seeing beautiful marquee signs but they were either too small for […]

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Raising Bilingual Babies

Before I married my French husband we of course had your normal pre-marriage conversations about children someday, but one that was very important to him was that our babies be raised bilingual.  At the time, I was a bit skeptical.  His siblings all did different things with their children, but the approach he wanted to […]

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