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If You Take a Mom to Target

If You Take a Mom to Target…

If you take a mom to Target… She’s going to want a Venti Latte at the in-store Starbucks. The first sip of that foamy lifeline will remind her that she’s out of milk. She will check her Cartwheel App to see if there is a special, and notice a 5% off coupon for Boogie Wipes, and […]

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This hot mess mom laying on top of laundry mountain!

Hot Mess Mom

My Friend, “Um, hi…what are you doing here?” Me, “We’re here for our playdate!” My Friend, “Yeah, that’s on Wednesday…” I wish I could say that this type of exchange is totally out of character for me, but the truth is I’m kind of a hot mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I manage to get […]

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Moving with kids = too much stuff!!

5 Tips to Survive a Move with Kids!

“Moving with young children is so much fun!” said no one ever. It is the worst.  There is a lot of screaming and crying and throwing things, and that was just on my part.  Well, I controlled myself pretty well on the screaming, but there was definitely some crying and a little throwing.   Moving […]

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A Volunteer project from Camp Kindness, these were sketchbooks the kids made for homeless children.

Prioritizing Kindness

“Hey Sweetie, where are you going?” “Don’t worry about it.”                   – Conversation between me and my FOUR YEAR OLD daughter as she puts her sunglasses on and flounces out of the room. My twin daughters are four; and they are amazing, and adorable, and hilarious, and […]

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Why we don't want presents

No Presents Please!

I have been seeing a new trend in birthday party invitations lately where parents are requesting that guests not bring gifts or are doing some sort of donation drive in lieu of presents for the party. I am whole-heartedly on board with this and want to take a moment to explain why, at least for […]

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