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On the Hunt for the Perfect Nanny {Presented by Mom’s Best Friend}

This post has been sponsored by Mom’s Best Friend to bring you information about the one area of parenting every mom struggles with – finding a caregiver for our children! All opinions are 100% our own! As moms, so many responsibilities fall to us. There’s the daily activities with the kids, household chores, what everyone […]

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Summer San Antonio Vacation Dallas Moms Blog Featured Image

Planning a Summer San Antonio Vacation {+ Win a Family Vacation!}

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with the San Antonio Visitors Bureau to bring you this informational post on all the fun and exciting things San Antonio has waiting for you.  More importantly, we couldn’t turn down an INCREDIBLE giveaway for our readers. All opinions are our own.  While browsing Facebook yesterday, 4 words popped up into […]

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Books and Adventures for Little Train Enthusiasts

If memory serves the Choo Choo bug bit both my daughters around age two. Our household has seen its fair share of train tracks through rooms and cities built (then tumbled down). While I’m aware of the Thomas the Train empire, I wanted to share other favorite train books you can enjoy with the littles. I’ve found building and […]

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Working from Home- Your Summer Survival Guide

Working from Home: Your Summer Survival Guide

Last fall I wrote about my daily struggles being a WFHM (Work-From-Home-Mom).  Multiply this times TEN in the summer when Mother’s Day Out ends and I have a 3 year old and 1 year old at home 24/7…. and still have a business to run.  YIPES!  I have complied a laundry list of places where there […]

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Snapchat – A How To Guide – And Why I’m Obsessed!

If you’re anything like me, you might not know all the cool and fun things this Snapchat app for your phone has to offer.  Honestly, I thought I was too old/too uninterested to bother.  And I’d heard all the negative things about this app and was totally put off by it. Thankfully a friend made […]

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