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Yes, Your Child Belongs In The Art Museum

When hearing art museum, do you imagine only silent adults observing works? It’s time to erase those pictures from your mind. Granted taking children to an art museum has the potential to be as much fun as leading a bull through the china shop, but with a bit of planning and thoughtfulness you can improve your chances for a […]

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When You Love Your Kids (but you aren’t enjoying them)

I have hobbies, you know. I am not one of those gals that has kids and forgets who she is or what she used to like. But this is a story, all about how my life got flipped (turned upside down) when I started hating my favorite things when my kids were around.  I still […]

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Spoil your grandkids with time dallas moms blog

14 Ways to Spoil Grandkids in Dallas

So the grandparents have the kids for a few hours (or maybe if you’re lucky, a few days) and they are looking for things to do. Let’s be honest, they are looking for ways to spoil their sweet little grandkids. Whether they want to spoil them with sweets, activities or presents, here is a list […]

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Free Printable Non-Candy Punny Valentines | Megan Harney

Free Printable: Non-Candy Valentines for Kids

Every year around Valentine’s Day, our house gets filled with candy. Whether it’s conversation hearts from one of my daughter’s little preschool friends or chocolate kisses from the teacher at church, it seems like every corner of our house is filled with little sugary treats. While I love candy as much as the next mom, my […]

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Encouragement picky eater

Encouragement from a (semi)Recovered Picky Eater

I will probably always remember this dinner from a few years ago.  I was married but no kids yet, and my husband and I went out to eat with my parents.  My food arrived and my dad looked at it skeptically. “Is that what you ordered?” “Yup.” “Okay…” And then later, “Dana, you finished everything!” […]

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When My Daughter Gave Me Grace

When My Toddler Gave Me Grace

It was only 10:30 a.m., but it had already been a trying day.   We were on our second pair of big-girl panties and our third trip to time-out. We had done battle over chips for breakfast (I won) and Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time (she won). Her dad was out on the lake, and although I’m not fond […]

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6 Places To Go For A Kid Haircut in Dallas

My little gal’s hair is a bonafide mess and I’m out of my element.   I saved Amanda’s “Easy Little Girl Hairstyle” post last fall, but I think we have bigger issues that extend beyond mere styling.  Her 18-month-old hair grows every which way and that curly frizz is something else.   I think it’s time […]

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dancing children silhouettes

Kids Dance Mix (Mom Approved)

This past fall I volunteered to put together a kids dance mix for an event at my daughters’ school. While I’d made several playlists for them as babies, it had been awhile since I got something together for their toddler/kindergartener selves. After watching them jam out, I immediately downloaded the playlist to my iPhone.  It’s proven quite useful, […]

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Breakfast with Santa Wrap-Up (& a Special Event Reveal)

Before the craziness of Christmas, Dallas Moms Blog & Texas Discovery Gardens had a wonderful time hosting “Breakfast with Santa” on our first split date event! On Thursday, December 10 & Saturday, December 12, we had over 75 families attend to capture a stress-free moment with Santa. But of course, there was so much more!  […]

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The NEW Dallas Farmers Market

Here at the Dallas Moms Blog, we like to eat and more importantly, we like to teach our kids about the source of the food in which we eat.  My son’s mind was blown the other day when I mentioned we were going downtown to the farmers market to check out the grand opening of […]

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