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What I did instead of working on your baby book: A love note to my one year old

When your baby is about to turn one, you get infected with a mean case of nostalgia.  In the past two weeks I have cried watching videos of our first moments together, packing away tiny pajamas and marveling at the sheer adorableness of her mini-donut sized hospital bracelet.  Then I remembered a funny tidbit and my tears […]

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Dining Out With Kids Dallas Moms Blog

Dining Out With Kids CAN Be Enjoyable

My husband and I love to go out to eat. We love trying new places and we love frequenting our standby favorites. Our carefree restaurant days continued until our oldest daughter reached about 2 years old. For about a year, we entered into a Not Welcome In Public stage. You know what I’m talking about. We’d heard […]

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The Myth of “Stranger Danger”

In honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month, we’ve partnered to with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center to bring you this important guest post on ways to catch and prevent child abuse. We teach our children about “stranger danger” when they are quite young, telling them not to talk to, leave with, or take gifts from […]

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This Is Not My Stage

This Is Not My Stage: a Lesson in Patience

I took several child development classes in college and learned about the theories of men like Piaget, Freud, and Erikson.  They all classified development into stages with differing perspectives on what changed from one stage to the next. Recently it occurred to me to refresh my memory with what those stages are about, and see if […]

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10 on Tuesday

Reverse Litter: Make the Pledge!

This post has been sponsored by the Reverse Litter Campaign in connection with upcoming Earth Day. All opinions are 100% our own! One of the views my family sees every week is a long stretch of wire fence that stands between our church parking lot and 635.  It never ceases to amaze (and disgust) us […]

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Mom Bag DMB

The Perfect Mom Bag: Don’t Leave Home without these 10 Things!

Now that my youngest is 3 years old, the bag I carry when I am out with my kiddos looks very different than it did when my first baby was born almost 8 years ago. As babies age and new ones are added, it makes sense to select items for your mom bag differently. Some things […]

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How to Listen Without Jumping Into “Fix-It Mode”

Most good relationship books I’ve read have had at least some instruction on communication. More specifically, the topic of listening to your partner has really stuck with me.  It turns out, when people share their problems, they usually aren’t looking for you to take over and fix everything.  Most people share their problems because they […]

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Summer Camps: What to Ask Before Sending Them Off

This post has been sponsored and written by Cooper Fitness Center to bring you valuable information about Summer Camps. All opinions are  supported by Dallas Moms Blog.  Summer is quickly approaching, along with the task of planning your child’s summer schedule. Sending a child off to a day camp can be exciting but also overwhelming. […]

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