Dallas’ Top Sweet Treats

IMG_3285I have a sweet tooth.  In fact, my kid was carefully crafted from sugar and pasta during that first trimester of pregnancy.

So, it’s probably not a big surprise that he adores sweet treats, too.  Although it may not be the most healthy decision, there’s something about long summer nights that scream “special sweet treat”.

In anticipation of summer memories, below is a list of my personal favorite sugar stops in Dallas:

1.  WILD ABOUT HARRY’S – We’re wild about the frozen custard, described as a little richer than ice cream with an extra dose of egg yolks and less air to make it extra creamy.  We’re also wild about the hot dogs and the adorable creator, Mr. Harry Coley. :: 3113 Knox St, Dallas, TX

2.  HENRY’S ICE CREAM – With flavors like Lavender Vanilla and Caramel Corn, Henry’s Ice Cream puts Plano’s sugar scene on the map. :: 3100 Independence Parkway, Suite 215, Plano, TX

3.  MONSTER YOGURT – Lauren has blogged about this special gem before.  Yogurt, free wifi, a children’s play area, and free coffee for parents.  What’s not to love?  The yogurt shop has since opened a second location near Campbell and Coit in Richardson. :: 9540 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX

pokey o4.  POKEY-O’S – When you combine two warm cookies with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream, you create a little slice of my own personal heaven.  And did you know they cater for large events?  Just think, a birthday party dream! :: 3034 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX

5.  HIGHLAND PARK SODA FOUNTAIN – This Dallas icon celebrated its 100th birthday last year and there’s a reason why it’s still open after all of these years.  Step back in time when you sit up to the counter and order an old-fashioned shake or malt in a frosty glass.  We recommend the “egg cream” soda, too. :: 3229 Knox St, Dallas, TX

6.  JD’S CHIPPERY – JD’s is known for their cookies and muffins baked from scratch.  Thirsty?  Add a fresh-squeezed limeade or lemonade.  Make sure to bring cash as this little bakery doesn’t take cards. :: 6601 Hillcrest, Suite A, University Park, TX

7.  SOCIETY BAKERY – Ellen DeGeneres voted this Greenville Ave bakery to have one of the top ten cupcakes in the country.  Nobody messes with me and my Ellen, so I listened and agree.  If you like buttery frosting and moist cake, come check out these cupcakes and whoopie pies. :: 3426 B Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

IMG_14038.  FRUTERIA CANO – Aguas frescas are THE summer fruity drink for many countries south of the border.  Luckily, Dallas’ own Fruteria Cano has some pretty great offerings like fresh melons and mangos infused with sugar water and spices. :: 1133 N Zang Blvd, Dallas, TX; 800 S Beacon St, Dallas, TX

9.  TC SHAVED ICE – The opening of this hot pink shaved ice stand signifies the arrival of summer for me.  You’ll see the standard rainbow-colored flavors but, be sure to check out the Knockout for an extra scoop of ice cream on top. :: 10999 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX

10.  EMPORIUM PIES – I’m not sure what I love more: the delicious pie flavors like Drunken Nut (bourbon pecan with shortbread crust) and Smooth Operator (French silk chocolate with a pretzel crust) or the adorable packaging of little wooden cartons and spoons.  Either way, you can’t lose at this Bishop Arts pie shop. :: 314 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX

11.  SWEET MIX – Ever since Cassidy wrote about those waffle sandwiches the other day, I can’t get this sweet shop out of my head.  Hello, Nutella!  I’m sure I’ll see you very soon. :: 1811 N Greenville Ave, Suite 300, Richardson, TX

sno12.  ENTICED and COOL HAUS – Food trucks are hot and here to stay in Dallas.  Make sure to check the social media pages of the amazing shaved ice truck, Enticed, and the creative ice cream sandwich truck, COOLHAUS, to catch up with either of these mobile trucks on a hot summer day.

13.  SNO – Some people swear shaved ice doesn’t get any better than North Dallas’ Sno.  Hard to find flavors like nectar and spearmint find their way on the same menu as natural flavors like pineapple. :: 7813 Meadow Rd, Dallas, TX

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What did we miss? Please share your favorite summer evening sugar haunt in the comments section.

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2 Responses to Dallas’ Top Sweet Treats

  1. Casey October 21, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    You should check out Sweet Firefly in Richardson (Canyon Creek). It was opened by two moms hoping to spread joy to others with ice cream and a place for families to meet. With old fashioned candies, real home made ice cream, glass bottle sodas, coffee, and the most buttery textured shaved ice, it’s really a gem. I wish I lived closer to it!

  2. Angela October 22, 2014 at 8:04 am #

    Steel City Popsicles in Dallas is also an awesome (and healthy) sweet treat. They’ve had flavors like blueberry mint, hibiscus, caramel, blood orange, and many yummy sounding flavors!!!

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