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how we became foster parents

Joy and Loss: How We Became Foster Parents

First, we got a license to be a foster care home, and then we “opened” to receive calls for potential placement. We opened at midnight on a Monday. I turned on my phone ringer Sunday night, just in case. I had the feeling of anticipation identical to the days before my biological babies were born, when I was […]

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Mom Bag DMB

The Perfect Mom Bag: Don’t Leave Home without these 10 Things!

Now that my youngest is 3 years old, the bag I carry when I am out with my kiddos looks very different than it did when my first baby was born almost 8 years ago. As babies age and new ones are added, it makes sense to select items for your mom bag differently. Some things […]

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Learning a Second Language: Baby Signing

It’s been proven that by the time infants are 9 to 10 months old, they’re fully capable of knowing what they want; however, they fail to be able to communicate their needs outside of grunting, crying, or “sometimes” pointing. Sign Language is now being used as an effective source of reducing frustrations and tantrums in infants and […]

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