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Yes, They Are Listening… Lessons in Kindness

Y’all.  This isn’t a post about the millions of amazing things I’ve done right.  It’s really more of a post about all the years I’ve waited to see the results of things I hoped I did right.  I’ve always said that I got the regular issue kind of kids; not the special order kind with sparkling […]

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How a Weekly Date Night Changed our Relationship

I have previously written a post on babysitters {here} and how getting what I wanted from a babysitter required that I stop trying to convince her that I am cool. I was having a major problem trying to make life easier on the sitter and therefore negating my life being easier — which is what I […]

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last mother in the woods

Last Mother in the Woods (Or: Getting Your Kids Outside When You Kinda Hate It There)

I’m indoorsy. I like my animals domesticated, my lawns manicured, my flowers planted intentionally (or more honestly, arranged in vases) and my outdoors time to be spent sitting outside for hours on a patio. Grass makes me kinda itchy and I hate bugs. I faked the bug thing well for 5 years to my son […]

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aug 2015 DMB

5 Easy Steps to Resolving Conflict Between Kids

Conflict is normal. It is going to happen regardless of your age, ability to communicate well, or peer group. It’s to be expected. So why do we try and avoid it with our kids (and each other!) at all costs, instead of teaching them how to work through it? Becoming intentional with the way I parent […]

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PT Mommy Friends

5 Things I Learned from My PT Mommy Friends About Child Development

You know that phrase, “I know a guy”? As in “I’m having trouble with my ______”, “Oh I know a guy!” Or “My _______ keeps breaking!”, “I know a guy!” Somehow I don’t know any plumbers or electricians, but my group of friends is full of teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists! Which means […]

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