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How a Weekly Date Night Changed our Relationship

I have previously written a post on babysitters {here} and how getting what I wanted from a babysitter required that I stop trying to convince her that I am cool. I was having a major problem trying to make life easier on the sitter and therefore negating my life being easier — which is what I […]

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Self Care in a Sacrifice Season

When my son was born, my mom came in town to care for our new family as we adjusted. I remember dropping her off at Love Field a week later and crying, begging her to stay. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t crying because I thought I couldn’t care for my new baby. I was overwhelmed with […]

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Killing Romance

I May Never Be ‘In The Mood’ Again: 4 Ways You May (Inadvertently) Be Killing the Romance in Your Marriage

Nothing makes me feel more like a vibrant and desirable woman than a full day of wiping stinky bottoms and snot-crusted faces, filling and re-filling sippy cups, cleaning up noodles that didn’t stay on the fork, and whining. Especially whining. Nothing makes me feel sexier than a bunch of little children chanting “Mommy I need…” […]

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Sex After Kids: Possible? Or Urban Legend?

I feel like a marriage series would be missing something if we didn’t discuss one of it’s most important topics (if not the most important) — SEX {tactfully, I hope}.     Most specifically — sex after kids.  And, let’s be honest, just how hard it is!  (No pun intended. There goes my tact already! […]

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Marriage is Hard: 4 Tips Preschoolers Know That Can Make it Better!

Someone recently suggested that we stop calling marriage hard and, instead, use the word “challenging” because, “two people building a new life together shouldn’t be hard…” Excuse me? Taking two different people with different family backgrounds with their own hang-ups and baggage and then meshing them together into a well-functioning couple is just plain hard.  Long […]

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