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Killing Romance

I May Never Be ‘In The Mood’ Again: 4 Ways You May (Inadvertently) Be Killing the Romance in Your Marriage

Nothing makes me feel more like a vibrant and desirable woman than a full day of wiping stinky bottoms and snot-crusted faces, filling and re-filling sippy cups, cleaning up noodles that didn’t stay on the fork, and whining. Especially whining. Nothing makes me feel sexier than a bunch of little children chanting “Mommy I need…” […]

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Sex After Kids: Possible? Or Urban Legend?

I feel like a marriage series would be missing something if we didn’t discuss one of it’s most important topics (if not the most important) — SEX {tactfully, I hope}.     Most specifically — sex after kids.  And, let’s be honest, just how hard it is!  (No pun intended. There goes my tact already! […]

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marriage dmb

Marriage is Hard: 4 Tips Preschoolers Know That Can Make it Better!

Someone recently suggested that we stop calling marriage hard and, instead, use the word “challenging” because, “two people building a new life together shouldn’t be hard…” Excuse me? Taking two different people with different family backgrounds with their own hang-ups and baggage and then meshing them together into a well-functioning couple is just plain hard.  Long […]

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Avoiding the Communication Rut

Do you and your husband talk? I mean, really talk about things other than sinking calendars? It’s harder than it sounds. I was watching Up All Night last week, and I related to the subject matter as I do almost every week. This particular episode focused on communication, or rather the inability to communicate with […]

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My favorite Dallas bloggers

Later this week in New York City, around 4,500 bloggers will gather at the annual BlogHer conference to celebrate all that is wonderful about blogging. City Moms Blog will be there, as well as several of our own Dallas Moms Blog contributing writers (including me!). At Dallas Moms Blog, we’re not just writers, we’re also […]

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