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10 Educational Websites for Kids

Here is a list of some fun, educational and parent approved websites for your child to visit and explore on rainy days. The best part is that they’re free! Let’s face it…on those rainy days, we all need a break!  

Educational Websites for Kids Pinterest

1) Switcharoo Zoo – Build an online habitat and learn about animals through videos and games tailored to your child’s age group. 

2) Nat Geo for Kids – An online encyclopedia of animals and space as well as games for practicing what they’ve learned and videos to watch of their favorite animals. 

3) Into the Book – A place to practice reading strategies like visualization, comprehension and putting the pieces of a story together all while playing games. 

4) Seaussville Dive into Dr. Seuss’ world of imagination and learn more about each character through games, videos and audio books. 

5) ABC YA A place to practice math and reading skills tailored to your child’s age (K-5th Grades). My personal favorite that taught my child shapes, numbers and letters was “Fun with The Fridge”. 

6) Fun Brain – A place to read books and comics and play reading and math games. 

7) PBS Kids – Your kids can choose their favorite PBS characters like Daniel Tiger and Dinosaur Train and play educational games. 

8) Star Fall Read along with books and practice math. 

9) Storyline Online – Where your children can have movie stars read them their favorite books. 

10) Highlights Kids – Kids can work on science experiments, get great craft ideas and yummy recipes that they can help you make as well as play educational games.  

I hope you enjoy a little break while your kiddos are hard at work learning! 

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