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15 Ways to Give Back in the New Year


For the love of giving, let me count the ways…..

I know we all tend to think about volunteering and giving a whole lot more around the holidays, but honestly, if I had to do it all over again with my kids, I think I would make a commitment at the start of each new year to give of ourselves a little more.  And to make it an all year commitment.  It’s never too late to start, or in my case, to start again.  So to make it a little easier, I took a Facebook poll of my friends’ favorite non-profits, and added a few new ones I discovered on my own.  

Here are some tried and true volunteer and charitable giving opportunities in Dallas – fairly popular, and ones I’d dare to say you’ve heard of before:

The Stewpot – offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals of Dallas, providing resources for basic survival needs, as well as opportunities to start a new life. 

Dot’s Closet – Non-profit consignment shop benefiting the terminally ill.

Mommies in Need – provides free childcare to moms going through a health crisis.

Pamper Lake Highlands – empowers communities by providing resources to families living in poverty. Beyond meeting the immediate need of diapers, their programs include education, parenting, addiction recovery, counseling and Bible Studies.

Preservation Dallas – dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the city’s historic buildings, neighborhoods and places.

Thrive Women’s Clinic – empowering women in unexpected pregnancies to make informed choices by providing medical, educational, and emotional support.

North Texas Food Bank – a nonprofit relief organization, providing access to more than 170,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families through a network of more than 1,000 programs and 200 Partner Agencies in our 13-county service area.

Genesis Women’s Shelter – provides safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence

Our Calling – a discipleship ministry for the homeless.  Working on the streets every day, meeting the un-sheltered homeless of Dallas County, learning their stories, identifying their needs, and connecting their hearts to Christ. 

Hope’s Seed -Enriching the lives of Texas’ children who are medically fragile and terminally ill.

And I found some new ones I had never heard of before until I attended a blogging conference over the summer.  Some are in the Dallas area, some not, but all are amazing in the things they offer, services they provide, and the ways they give of their earnings.  (And some so easy to support by just shopping their adorable products – hello cute clothes!) 

Persimmon Prints –  a faith-based art & apparel company located in the Chicago area.  Each Persimmon-labeled clothing item is honorably made in India, and financially supports The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (

Mission Lazarus – serves the underserved in Honduras and Haiti. On a 2,000 acre ranch in Southern Honduras, there is a higher education as well as a vocational training program.  The young men who attend this program commit to attending for a 3-year program, which at the end of it, they have achieved a higher education graduation as well as a vocational training in either carpentry skills, leather-making skills or metal working abilities.  Upon graduation, they are able to go out and get hired to earn an above minimum wage in their chosen field.  While attending the program, the students are paid a daily stipend, to encourage families to allow these young men to attend, rather than work in the fields for $4.00 per day.  Mission Lazarus also owns a coffee plantation whose proceeds support a children’s refuge on the plantation, and offers a training program for young women to learn to sew.  The items you see on their website are items produced either by the students in the school or graduates that are hired on by the Mission.  

Fashion and Compassion – a non-profit that connects caring consumers with vulnerable artisans to bring dignity through economic empowerment. They are based in Charlotte, NC, but have 6 different projects around the world and have given over $275,000 in the last four years to help fight against injustice. You can shop handcrafted jewelry and accessories here and be sure to follow them on social media for artisan stories, style inspiration & tips for how you can help!

SOS International  – provides at-risk kids with food, water, freedom, education, and loving homes. Their newest project is building a food factory that will have the capacity to feed 100,000 kids a day!  Notice that cutie pie face in the picture up top?  He is a real live SOS International kiddo, blessed to receive the services they provide. 

Seed Effect a Christ-centered economic development organization. Since launching their program seven years ago, they have served over 2,400 South Sudanese, providing access to savings-led microloans, education and spiritual discipleship. But for the last three years, South Sudan has been ravaged again by instability and conflict, resulting in over a million fleeing for safety to Uganda.  So, in the spring of 2017, work will move into the refugee camps in Uganda, to continue bringing hope, dignity and a future to these resilient people.
Y’all, I can’t even imagine.  I can’t imagine living hungry, homeless or with a child in need.  But I can imagine me wearing beautiful jewelry that pays the artist a fair wage for her work, and allows her to support her own kids.  And I can totally see me and three very capable teen boys volunteering to do what we can at the food bank or even hosting a birthday party for a needy child. 
But will we?  I used to be so committed to regularly volunteering with the kids.  But then school and sports and friends and the like made me forget that our time is best spent when spent for others.  I think I needed to read about a lot of these organizations to remind me of that.  I hope you find something you feel inspired about.
And did I forget something?  Yes, of course I did.  Please add your favorite charities and volunteer opportunities in the comments.  

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