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3 Online Workouts You Can Do At Home

I just had my third baby, and I am very anxious to get back into a regular exercise routine, however, I do not belong to a gym! Until recently the weather was too hot for regular fast paced walks (I don’t run), so I turned to a new type of workout. I went online.

Below are my top 3 favorite “at home” workouts that can be found on the road or at home, or wherever you have a WiFi connection! They really help manage working out with the craziness of life, work and kids!


I love Barre3 classes, but they are expensive and none of the ones near me have babysitting, so I gave a try. For $19 a month you have access to unlimited “at home” workouts ranging from 10- 60 minutes as well as access to many healthy recipes. Most, if not all, workouts can be done anywhere. Although no exercise equipment is necessary, I purchased two small 2 pound weights to accompany the workouts. (Tip: whenever a Barre3 ball is suggested, I just use my kid’s small basketball. It works just as well!)

Bonus of Barre3: Many of the poses can be done laying down or standing- which means you can do them while cooking dinner or taking a stretch break at work!


Sarah Beth Yoga (a YouTube station)

This is a fantastic, FREE YouTube station. Sarah Beth offers prenatal yoga, power yoga, gentle yoga and everything in between. Workouts are about 20 minutes, however, I think you can pay a low price to rent or buy longer workouts. All you need is a yoga mat- although you really don’t even need that!


The Balanced Life with Robin Long

Robin has a fantastic free YouTube station with very quick — 10 minutes — Pilates videos. They’re a great way to squeeze in a quick workout, or she has a subscription service called The Sisterhood for $13/monthly and you have access to Pilates videos, recipes and a community message forum.


I really depend on these “at home” videos. (Is video an outdated word?!) When I workout, I can easily press pause when the baby cries or if I need a water break — or just a break in general! I can squeeze in a workout whenever is convenient for me. 

Have you discovered online workouts? What are your favorite workouts? 

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  1. Tiffany October 31, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

    Anything through Beachbody on Demand is my favorite!

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