4 Best Podcast Episodes to Help You Improve Your {Life}

I’m so excited to share with you my top four podcast episodes to help you live your best life! After listening to some of the best podcast episodes out there, I find myself going back to these four again and again, and learning something new every time. 

First things first: If you’re not already listening to podcasts, you need to start! When I decided to ditch my New Year’s resolutions in favor of a spring refresh this year, I committed to devoting more time to things that enriched my life, and I now consider listening to podcasts one of the most enriching things I can do. Listening to podcasts requires relatively low time commitment, doesn’t demand that you drop whatever else you’re doing, and—depending on what you’re listening to—can help improve your life! Sound magical? It kind of is!

These past few months, I’ve listened to podcasts while driving, running errands, exercising, cooking, and cleaning. If I’m ever in a rush to finish, I crank up the speed to 1.5 or 2 times the normal pace. The search for great podcasts has been so worth it! I firmly believe that the right podcasts—like the right books—can help inspire you, provide insight into yourself, and give you practical tips to improve your day-to-day.

So, without further ado, here are what I consider the four best podcast episodes to help you live your best life:

Best podcast episode for when you’re in the mood for deep spiritual reflection:

[1] Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations — #48 — “Free Yourself From Anxiety, Stress, and Unhappiness” [0:32]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned more life lessons than I can count from Oprah and her guests over the years. One of my favorite Oprah interviews ever is her discussion with spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle in her SuperSoul Conversations Podcast. One of his books, A New Earth, is densely packed with spiritual guidance, focusing on the idea that understanding and being able to transcend our ego is the key to achieving happiness and a better world. This short podcast episode provides a glimpse into the philosophies shared in A New Earth, and leaves you with a lot to think about in terms of how you relate to yourself, others, and humanity as a whole.

Best podcast episode for when you want to work on your marriage:

[2] NPR’s Hidden Brain — “When Did Marriage Become So Hard?” [0:53]

Y’all, this is maybe my favorite podcast episode ever! I’ve already listened to it three times. It covers everything from how the purpose of marriage has changed over the years to how our expectations and behaviors factor into the success of our unions. While it specifically deals with marriages, I think it could also apply to other kinds of close relationships. The best part is the practical, real-life “love hacks” they provide at the end. Do yourself a favor and tune in!

Best podcast episode for when you need some motivation in tackling life’s challenges:

[3] The Rich Roll Podcast — “Susan David, Ph.D. on the Power of Emotional Agility & Why Discomfort Is The Price of Admission to a Meaningful Life” [1:50]

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this amazing podcast episode! In it, Susan David significantly expands on her Ted Talk, “The gift and power of emotional courage,” which is only 16 minutes long and unbelievably insightful. Her main point is that allowing ourselves to experience our tough emotions and accepting them is the only way to true happiness. But she shares so much more wisdom than that—including practical advice on how to define our values and live accordingly, even in times of adversity. I highly encourage you to take a listen and reflect on what Dr. David has to offer.

Best podcast episode for when you want to know yourself better:

[4] The Liturgists Podcast“Enneagram (Episode 37)” [2:00]

I had never heard of the Enneagram before listening to this podcast episode, but believe me when I tell you it’s one of the most weirdly accurate and insightful frameworks for self-evaluation I’ve ever come across. I’ve always loved personality tests and predictors like the Myers-Briggs, and even though you always have to take them with a grain of salt, sometimes they can help you understand yourself so much more than you ever thought possible. This podcast episode breaks down what the Enneagram is and gives a description of the different types. Once you hear the description of your type, I think you’ll know right away. The Enneagram is a fun and useful tool for self-discovery and can give you some insight into your blind spots to help you refine your character.


I hope you get a chance to take a listen to these four best podcast episodes, and if you have any other favorites, please share them below!

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