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5 Favorite Kid-Friendly Patios in Dallas

The days are longer and the sun is out… oh hello Spring, I’ve missed you!  And during spring, is there anything better then finding the perfect patio to meet up with friends, feed the family, sip on some tasty beverages AND let the kids play!?  It’s the best of all worlds and we’ve made it our mission to find the perfect brunch, lunch, and dinner patios to enjoy with our kids. 

So, if you’re looking for a patio spot to relax and enjoy yummy food and drinks, all while your kiddos run around and get out some of their endless energy — look no farther, I’ve got the perfect list for you!

  • The Rustic –  Located in Uptown, the Rustic has a delicious brunch menu for the weekends, live music, and the perfect patio for meeting up with friends and letting the kids run around and play.  The tables are in the middle of a fenced in backyard (of sorts) and the kids can run around the perimeter and play and explore out of the way of the diners.  You can (mostly) see them anywhere they go.  And every time we go there are several groups of kids playing, so kids are the norm!  I recommend the mimosa pitcher – so yum! 
  • The Lot – Bethany gave us a detailed description of this awesome family friendly restaurant in Lakewood a few years ago, and this place still holds up!  With a (large) dedicated sandlot/play area for the kids, a huge patio for the parents, live music, excellent food, good drinks, even a volleyball court for the big kids — this place has everything!  Don’t miss out on the shishito peppers, my absolute fav here.
  • Si Tapas – I recently found this Uptown hot spot by accident.  My favorite tapas spot (Cafe Mardrid) was closed until 5 (I always forget that), so I took a chance on Si Tapas and it did not disappoint.  Tucked into a neighborhood, Si Tapas looks like a small house.  But inside it’s a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous patio in the back.  And an even more amazing huge yard for the kids to play in!  The tapas were delicious, the sangria was sweet, and their happy hour is quite the deal! 
  • CiboDivino – Located in Oak Cliff, this marketplace/pizzeria/wine bar/perfect patio is our go to spot after soccer practice every Thursday.  Nothing beats sipping wine while the kids play in the HUGE lawn area kicking around the soccer ball.  I highly recommend ordering one of their 44 FARMS NY Strip steaks – it might be my favorite steak ever.  Followed up by some gelato for the kiddos, and everyone goes home happy!  (And tired!)
  • Chicken Scratch/The Foundry – Also in Oak Cliff, this enormous patio is made perfect by the playground setup in one of the corners.  Select a table, send the kids to play, then divide and conquer.  You’ll need to send one representative to stand in line at Chicken Scratch to order food and one to The Foundry for drinks.  But it’ll be worth it for the relaxing patio, the great drinks, the yummy biscuits, and the live music.  Pro tip – be sure to get the kids meal so your kiddos get the Popsicle tickets.  And don’t miss out on the pickled veggies – they are the best! 

Be sure to stop by and say hi if you see us while trying out any of these patios on my list!!

And we’d love for a new patio to try out… any suggestions?

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  1. Jenn Akin
    Jenn Akin April 11, 2017 at 10:21 pm #

    Great ideas!

  2. Kristin June 11, 2017 at 3:53 pm #

    Not really kid friendly places. Space to run yes but people that go here want a kid free experience. ☺

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