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7 products I’m loving right now for my toddler

When you have a newborn or an infant, there is so much info on great products that make life easier or more fun for mom and baby.  I remember reading so many “must have” lists and taking note of new products from each one.  These lists seem to dwindle when your child enters toddler-hood, which is a shame because I need new ideas to help me keep up with my wild child!  Here are 7 products I’m digging right now for my just-turned-two year old.

Post swim snack on the Turkish towel

  1. Turkish towels.  It’s officially pool and splash pad season, so time to stock up on towels.  We were gifted one of these (embroidered with her name) and I have both copied this as a gift idea on more than one occasion, and stocked up on these super soft, lightweight, absorbent towels for our summer stash.  They are so stylish, so big, and double as a blanket as needed.  I don’t know who decided that beach towels had to all be neon colored with loud patterns, but I love the subtle aesthetic of these.
  2. Tegu blocks.  Hear me out, because I know the magic of Tegu is already widely appreciated.  They are on this list because I bought them ages ago and my daughter would never touch them.  Since these are not the cheapest toy, I was seriously considering putting these up on a resale site.  Then, all of the sudden, she can’t get enough of them!  She constantly asks us to come “build” with her, and these blocks are fun for adults too, in my opinion.  So if your toddler hasn’t gone through a building stage yet, keep a container of these in the background for a bit and wait for the epiphany.
  3. Tula blankets.  Do you have a toddler that loves to cuddle with blankets?  These bamboo blankets are amazing.  They are super soft and at 47″ by 47″, they are easily big enough for toddlers.  Warning:  they can be addictive.  Tula also recently started releasing adult sized versions of these wildly popular blankets, setting the stage for some seriously cute mommy and me sets for movie nights on the couch.

    Babies, check. Tula blanket, check.

  4. Wire & Honey gear.  We are raising our daughter to be a feminist and a social-justice crusader, and I just love the graphic tees and dresses at husband and wife owned Wire & Honey.  We get tons of compliments on her “I can save myself” princess t-shirt, and I’m coveting the fringe dresses something fierce

    Empowerment courtesy of

    for summer.  Bonus:  portions of proceeds go to different charities each month and there are adult sizes.

  5. Blueberry swim diaper.  Ugh, yes, we are still in the swim diaper phase of life and I truly can’t stand them.  The disposables weird me out, and even some of the reusable swim diapers are a pain to pull off a wet and wiggly toddler.  The blueberry diaper has snaps on both sides, so it is off in two seconds, which is usually about all that my daughter allows when she’s getting dressed.
  6. Curious Columbus Kids “My Big Day”quiet book.  This fabric book is worth every penny for what you get in return:  a completely immersed child.  Full of activities like taking tiny velcro clothing items out of the closet and putting them onto a little kid, buckling the dog’s collar, tying shoes, and brushing teeth, this book lives up to its name.  I keep this in the car and try to only let her play with it during restaurant trips or any other times I am desperate for 15 minutes (an eternity in toddler time) of sit-still-and-be-quiet time.  The little handle for carrying just adds to the adorable-ness.
  7. Little sprout hair and body wash Is there anything better than the way your little one smells after a bath?  This body wash/bath bubbles/shampoo smells divine, and the scent comes from essential oils, not any yucky additives.  And if your littles are on a similar bathing schedule (every other day…ish) to our little maniac’s, you will be glad to know that her little locks still smell scrumptious even after day 3.

What about you?  What’s your go-to product for your “big” baby?


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