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7 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

We’re all moms here, right? And for moms there’s nothing quite like talk of diapers and poopy to chill our hearts, sadden them occasionally, or bring us to new heights of joy when we’re finally done with them. As my little family nears the end of it’s third cloth-diapering adventure, I thought of 7 great reasons for you to give cloth diapering a try.

1. It’s not hard. Most people think of cloth diapering and think of this:


And okay, okay. Sometimes it IS like that. But it’s like that when you have DISPOSABLE diapers, too. Cloth diapering is nothing more than two extra loads of laundry per week. To make it even easier for this family, Husband or I fill the washing machine with cold water and let them soak overnight, then run a hot water cycle with detergent as soon as we wake up in the morning. If the weather’s nice I line dry, and if it’s not, I pop them into the dryer on low heat. That…….it. [Really.]

2. It’s much MUCH cheaper. The average parent will spend $800 the first year of diapering. Then the second year comes, and probably the better part of the third. All together disposable diapers cost well over $2,000 per child! The startup cost of cloth diapering usually runs $500 or so, and if you buy diapers such as Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, (my personal two faves!) or any of the many other diapers that come in one adjustable size, you don’t ever have to spend that money again. If you would like to cloth diaper but a $20.00 pair of diapers is out of your budget, there are even options such as Alva Baby which sells diapers made in china for $8.00 apiece including shipping.

3. You don’t have to wash diapers if it’s not your thing. Don’t think you can add the loads because you’re a working mom or mom-life is already too hectic? That’s not a problem either. As a Dallas Mom you also have access to diaper services, such as Blue Bonnet Diaper Service which covers most of DFW. They drop off clean diapers, your baby does his or her thing, and you put the diapers in a pail which they then pick up [while simultaneously bringing you freshly sterilized nappies.]

3. It’s fun. Buying cloth diapers can be as simple as buying some prefolds and covers, or as fun as buying a prom dress. You can choose from minky, fleece, patterns, solids, and just about everything else under the sun!

4. It’s green. Considering the amount of landfill waste from the diapers, or even the effect of what’s INSIDE the diapers has on the environment, and switching to cloth even a few days a week can make a difference. You can even support local businesses and moms from places like Plano’s own Nappy Shoppe to Etsy to fill up your diaper stash. (One added bonus to actually GOING to a store is that you can get every question under the sun answered quickly and honestly!)

5. You’re supposed to dump the poop anyways. Since 1989 the American Public Health Association has recommended removing all the solid excrement (isn’t that a nice way of saying “poopy”??) from your disposable diapers prior to pitching them in the trash. The reason? As the diapers sit in the landfills and get exposed to rainwater all of the sewage eventually contaminates the groundwater and wells which have NOT been treated for sewage-type sanitation. It actually says so right there on the side of the box.

6. It’s easier to potty train. Disposable diapers absorb the moisture so well from a baby’s skin, that it actually can prolong their potty-training readiness. Kids who can’t feel when they’re wet can’t tell you they’re ready to move out of diapers and into the world of big-kid undies!

7. You don’t have to do it full time. We cloth diaper during the day and use disposable diapers at night, simply because it’s easier. When we travel I also stop at the store beforehand and pick up a package of diapers. Some people use disposable during the day when their children are in daycare or preschool, and then cloth diaper in the evenings at night. The point is, it is not a 100% full time commitment, and is incredibly easy to start up.

Interested in more information? Check out Cotton Babies or Diaper Pin for both diaper and community-based information on getting started.

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2 Responses to 7 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

  1. Lauren April 1, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    I had no idea they recommend flushing poop anyway! I’ve always cloth diapered (since my first was 3 weeks) so I’ve always loved the idea of flushing poop rather than it be in any trash near me…but I’m glad they encourage even disposable users to do that. Very interesting!

  2. Ashley K April 2, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    Glad to see this, I love CDing and wish more people knew how far it’s come. No more rubber pants! Also, I have to second your endorsement of The Nappy Shoppe. It’s an amazing store and those ladies are amazing. I did so much online research prior to going there, and I was still super confused until they explained it all to me one-on-one with actual diapers. Love them!

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