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A Cool Opportunity: State Board of Education Wants Our Input

SBOE Survey

I have been a student in Texas schools, I have been a teacher in Texas schools, and in two short years I will be the parent of a child in Texas schools. (Which is crazy because he was a newborn like yesterday!)  I recently came across a press release from TEA announcing that the State Board of Education (SBOE) had released a survey for all Texans to take part in to gather input about the state assessment and accountability programs.

Over the last school year the SBOE held nine meetings across the state to get feedback from community members.  These meetings led to the formation of an online survey that follows up on topics addressed at those meetings as well as opens the door for further input.  The survey is available through the end of the month, and then the data will be compiled and presented to the SBOE at their meeting in July.  Then the report will be shared with a committee who will make recommendations for changes to the governor and state legislature.

Y’all.  This is awesome.  Basically what I say ends up on the governors desk. 😉 As a teacher I had/have lots of opinions about all of this and am pumped for the opportunity to share my thoughts!  It is so cool that they are seeking public opinion in such a widespread manner.  They are already making plans for 2018 and beyond, which means these decisions will affect my preschool son who will enter kindergarten in 2018!  I love that I have a voice and have the ability to potentially affect policy change.

They recommend you watch three fifteen minute videos and look at a couple of documents before you take the survey, but you don’t have to.  But honestly I found them really interesting and even as a former Texas teacher learned a thing or two.  And especially if you are a parent who does not yet have students in Texas public classrooms or who didn’t live through TAAS/TAKS yourself, it would be worth your time to watch. 

Regardless, I encourage you to click on this link and bubble those answers!  I am all for participation in civic matters, especially when they concern the education and enrichment of our little ones!

Completed SBOE Survey


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