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Arm Your Child Against Bullying {Sponsored}

Help your child learn to defend themselves against bullies and predators by learning more about PRO Martial Art’s ARMOR program in this sponsored post.

Protect Your Child From Bullying during National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

While October is most known for bringing pink to the forefront, October also brings awareness to another important cause that directly effects our children.

This October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and it’s a great time to educate parents, children, and educators of new ways to reduce and prevent bullying. has some incredible resources and efforts to help inform those who are around children.

But there’s a local program–right here in the Dallas metroplex– that is designed specifically to help your child identify and react to bullying and predator behavior.

Pro Martial Arts Lakewood BuildingPRO Martial Arts of Lakewood (located at Mockingbird and Abrams) has an exclusive bullying prevention program for children ages 2-7 that was developed based on research in child psychology, child safety, and crime prevention.

The ARMOR Program is divided into two 12 week programs; the first 12 weeks focusing on bullying and the second 12 weeks focusing on predators. Each class is independent of the other so that children can enter and exit the program at any time without feeling like they’ve received incomplete lessons.

During Bullying Prevention segment, your child will learn:

  • To recognize bullies and not become their victims
  • To carry themselves with confidence, to set and respect personal boundaries, and to be assertive when seeking help
  • How to use martial arts defensive skills (as a last resort)
  • The characteristics of bullying and red flags to look for
  • How to avoid cyber-bullying

During Predator Prevention segment, your child will learn:

  • The real safety issue isn’t just strangers, but STRANGENESS
  • How important it is to listen to their instincts, and why they should always tell a trusted adult how they feel
  • Appropriate versus inappropriate adult behavior
  • Online safety and rules for families to go by
  • The importance of good communication between parents and children, as well as sharing with each other daily

Pro Martial Arts Lakewood ARMOR 1

Curious if this program is appropriate for your child? Our Dallas Moms were able to experience a sample of the ARMOR Program at our #DMBPlaydate last week and it left many of us impressed! Children as young as 3 were actively participating in “games,” but were learning age appropriate actions and responses when they encounter predator behaviors. For example, the instructor taught the children how to yell, “You’re not my Dad!” while then turning to run towards their parent screaming “Fire!” Simple activities that can easily be practiced at home that leave me feeling a little more confident that my child will make the right choice when in a difficult situation.

PRO Martial Arts ARMOR 2

In addition to the ARMOR Program, PRO Martial Arts also offers a wide range of martial arts classes for children ages 3-18 as well as adult Martial Arts and Kickboxing.

At PRO Martial Arts, our programs are designed to train our students, regardless of age, to set healthy, appropriate, and productive goals and to pursue them aggressively until they are achieved. Our students are better equipped than their peers to succeed in school, at home, in sports, and in all other activities they may pursue.

We hope you hear more throughout the month of October on ways to start bringing awareness to bullying, but we encourage you to take that next step for yourself and your child by giving PRO Martial Arts a try!

You can find more information on their classes, programs, and private birthday parties by visiting their Website or Facebook Page. You’ll also want to call (214-269-3464) and ask about their current special offers and free trial classes for kids.



**Dislosure: This post was sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.


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