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Stonbriar play (400x260)

My Favorite Dallas Area Malls – Rated by Me

Mom Confession — I’m that extra kind of crazy person who LOVES going to the mall with my kids for some indoor play.  Yup, even during the holiday madness!  I love walking around with my kiddos, eating at the mall food court, hopping from LEGO store to Disney store to Starbucks.  Zoning out on my […]

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Holiday Cookies Dallas Moms Blog

Happy Holiday Traditions — Making Sugar Cookies With My Kids

It all seemed like such a lovely idea as I was walking (alone) through Target yesterday.  The display of holiday sugar cookies screamed at me “mother of the year” and “holiday memories to last a lifetime.”  But ‘Target Amanda’ had little concern for ‘Future Amanda’… and Future Amanda lives in reality, very much unlike Target […]

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Dallas Bricks LEGO store Dallas Moms Blog

Creative Gift Ideas for the LEGO® Maniac at Dallas Bricks

This post has been sponsored by Dallas Bricks. All opinions are our own! Hi!  My name is Amanda and I have a LEGO problem/addiction.  My son’s room is running out of space for them and the LEGO bricks are spilling out onto bookshelves in our living room, playroom, and kitchen tables! I pretend like they’re for […]

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Dont Smile (600x398) (2)

Don’t Smile — Two Magic Words to Make Your Kids Happy

The other day I was talking with my 24 year old nephew.  He was upset about some family stuff and the conversation was getting pretty heavy.  We both paused.  Then I looked at him and said my two magic words — “Don’t Smile!”  Despite everything, he couldn’t help himself!  A huge grin spread across his […]

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Snapchat – A How To Guide – And Why I’m Obsessed!

If you’re anything like me, you might not know all the cool and fun things this Snapchat app for your phone has to offer.  Honestly, I thought I was too old/too uninterested to bother.  And I’d heard all the negative things about this app and was totally put off by it. Thankfully a friend made […]

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Walking a Bishop Arts Event with Friends

Oak Cliff is Where It’s At – Dallas Area Neighborhoods

If you’ve lived in Dallas for longer then 10 years you might remember when Oak Cliff was not the place to take your family for a day of fun.  But by now you’ve probably heard that this neighborhood in south Dallas has done a total 180 and is the new happening place to be.  From […]

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