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This Is Not My Stage

This Is Not My Stage: a Lesson in Patience

I took several child development classes in college and learned about the theories of men like Piaget, Freud, and Erikson.  They all classified development into stages with differing perspectives on what changed from one stage to the next. Recently it occurred to me to refresh my memory with what those stages are about, and see if […]

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Encouragement picky eater

Encouragement from a (semi)Recovered Picky Eater

I will probably always remember this dinner from a few years ago.  I was married but no kids yet, and my husband and I went out to eat with my parents.  My food arrived and my dad looked at it skeptically. “Is that what you ordered?” “Yup.” “Okay…” And then later, “Dana, you finished everything!” […]

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post partum anxiety

“I’m not sad, so I can’t have postpartum depression.”

Y’all. I have had the hardest time writing this post. And not because I shy away from writing about big things- I blogged during my months of fertility drugs, miscarriage, healing, and more fertility drugs leading to a much anticipated healthy pregnancy. So I don’t know what is different this time…? Maybe because this is […]

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