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When Baby Turns 40

My family has always had a positive attitude towards birthdays. Another year around the sun warrants festivity because it definitely beats the alternative. But something is slightly different for my parents and I this year…their baby girl (ME) is turning 40.     And the three of us have asked the same question, How did we get here […]

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Baby Feet

Meet Thrush Monster: A Breastfeeding Enemy

I had high aspirations for breastfeeding. And although my first child and I had beautiful moments, we experienced a medical condition I would never wish on my worst enemy. Let’s call it the THRUSH MONSTER!  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services describes a mother’s symptoms of thrush as “sore nipples that last more than a few […]

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Rediscover the Hilton Anatole: Staycation Tips for JadeWaters

Recently my husband and I took our girls to the Hilton Anatole Hotel for a one night “stay-cation.” Located just north of downtown Dallas the hotel has a new family-friendly pool complex called JadeWaters, which just opened in July 2016. Our check-in was at 4 p.m. At the complex entrance each family member received a wristband since JadeWaters is exclusive for hotel guests. […]

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Books and Adventures for Little Train Enthusiasts

If memory serves the Choo Choo bug bit both my daughters around age two. Our household has seen its fair share of train tracks through rooms and cities built (then tumbled down). While I’m aware of the Thomas the Train empire, I wanted to share other favorite train books you can enjoy with the littles. I’ve found building and […]

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Make Social Media a Positive Space

Today many of us are spending hours online using various accounts to communicate, learn and instigate change. Just as home space and workspace are filled with inspirations and positives, it’s important we apply those same goals to our online social spaces. Here are my tips. Keep Perspective in Check Everyone with social media accounts are content editors. Most often […]

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Going Green: Earth Day Tips for Your Next Grocery Trip

This post has been sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. All opinions are 100% our own!    Since 1970, Earth Day (April 22) has inspired generations to work towards preserving our planet. And while making an entire household “green” can feel overwhelming, you can take baby steps simply with your […]

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Becoming a Recess Advocate

I’ve accepted there will be many differences between my education experiences and those of my children (new math anyone?). But recent events highlighted today’s kids are missing out on something previous generations took for granted…recess.  It’s not that recess has been eliminated, rather its minutes have been gradually chipped away (thank you testing). This past January the Dallas Independent School District made headlines when trustees approved […]

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Yes, Your Child Belongs In The Art Museum

When hearing art museum, do you imagine only silent adults observing works? It’s time to erase those pictures from your mind. Granted taking children to an art museum has the potential to be as much fun as leading a bull through the china shop, but with a bit of planning and thoughtfulness you can improve your chances for a […]

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dancing children silhouettes

Kids Dance Mix (Mom Approved)

This past fall I volunteered to put together a kids dance mix for an event at my daughters’ school. While I’d made several playlists for them as babies, it had been awhile since I got something together for their toddler/kindergartener selves. After watching them jam out, I immediately downloaded the playlist to my iPhone.  It’s proven quite useful, […]

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