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Are Christmas Cards Necessary

Are Christmas Cards REALLY Necessary?

December sneaked up on me, again. This year, I find myself at a new crossroads wondering the answer to the following question: Are Christmas cards really necessary? In our era of I-see-pictures-of-my-friends-across-the-country-every-day-on-Instagram, must I really dress up the family, drag them around some park wearing Christmas outfits on an eighty degree October day, then pay […]

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Top Three Hotels in Dallas

Top Three Hotels for an Overnight Date in Dallas

Sometimes you just need to get away! And, by “away” I mean anywhere your children are not. Sure, even a few hours out can offer refreshment. But being gone overnight–missing both bedtime and the early morning wake-up calls–is totally therapeutic. That’s why my husband and I have learned to love (read: depend on for our sanity) overnight […]

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7 Lessons I Took from management to motherhood

Seven Lessons I Carried From Management to Motherhood

I stared at those words printed beside my answer tally. “Manager. 100%.” The results didn’t surprise me. By age four I was bossing around (er. . . rather, managing) everyone willing to comply. My management skills developed through school and a piece of paper with the words Master of Arts and Management in the same […]

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10 Secrets Moms of Lego Lovers

Ten Secrets for Moms of LEGO Lovers

Do you have a little LEGO lover in your household? I have four. If you multiply the number of LEGOs in each set, times the number of sets we have, times four children, it equals exactly a bazillion little plastic bricks sitting around our house. (And just waiting to be stepped on.) We have Star […]

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Toy organization failure

My Messy Playroom: Confession of a Toy & Lego Organization Failure

I adore instructional articles on how to keep my home nice and neat. They tell me to purge the toys, find everything a home, and label bins. Organization makes the world a better place, they tout. People like Denaye, who wrote this wonderful piece on toy organization, are my heroes! But, here’s the truth. I’ve […]

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A Birthday Adventure to the Dallas American Girl Doll Store

A Birthday Adventure to the American Girl Doll Store Dallas

Today my daughter, Katie, turned seven. And, it was time. Time, that is, to go to the American Girl Doll Store. (Or palace or emporium, “store” just doesn’t seem to be quite the right word for what we actually experienced.) I was a little nervous. Would I have to dip into her college savings in […]

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