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Rockwall Family Dentist

A Different Kind of Dental Experience :: Aurentz Family Dental

Dallas Moms Blog received a complimentary service in order to provide this review. All opinions are 100% our own! My daughter was eighteen months old when she first decided that she was terrified of dentists. Our pediatrician had referred us for an early cleaning because she had a significant tartar buildup, and I dutifully made the […]

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What Our Children Should Learn from Tony Romo

It has been a tough week for Tony Romo. For the last ten years, Dallas football fans have spent our Sundays and every Thanksgiving watching Tony Romo lead America’s Team up and down the gridiron. We have celebrated the victories and have mourned the losses. As Romo carried us through tough calls, changes in team leadership, and injury after injury, we cheered him on. And […]

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Dallas Thanksgiving Recipes

Dallas Moms’ Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes

Remember when the only stress associated with Thanksgiving was figuring out how you could convince your mom to let you have a double helping of pecan pie after you had already stuffed your face with turkey and dressing? Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, notwithstanding the insanity of hosting your family and prepping/cooking/cleaning for days on end. […]

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A Friendly #RhoD Inspired Rivalry!

Ten Reasons Dallas Is Better than Houston {A Friendly Rivalry}

When I decided to move from Dallas to Houston for law school in 2007, I was truly and completely unaware of the great Dallas vs. Houston debate. It was all Texas, which was good enough for me. But the first time I introduced myself to a Houstonian with a chip on his shoulder about Dallas, I learned real quick that not everyone […]

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While I Am Waiting Dallas Moms Blog

While I Am Waiting

You’re glowing, my friend. I mean it. Not in the obligatory, you’re-so-nauseated-that-you’re-sweating-and-I-feel-compelled-to-say-something-kind-to-you-about-it way. But in the you-made-a-child-and-joy-is-literally-emanating-from-you way. You’re pregnant, sweet friend. And I am not. You are craving cheese tator tots and vanilla milkshakes and sweet-talking your husband into nightly Sonic runs and foot rubs. And I am not. You are marveling at the […]

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When My Daughter Gave Me Grace

When My Toddler Gave Me Grace

It was only 10:30 a.m., but it had already been a trying day.   We were on our second pair of big-girl panties and our third trip to time-out. We had done battle over chips for breakfast (I won) and Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time (she won). Her dad was out on the lake, and although I’m not fond […]

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