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Happy Birthday

Best Places in Dallas to have a Kids Birthday Party when Dealing with Unpredictable Weather

When it comes to kids birthday parties, I have to admit I am sort of picky. I am past the point of wanting to have them at my home where I spend weeks prepping and cleaning up. Yet I want something super fun, clean, and private for my birthday boy to feel special and not […]

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How to Playdate Wisely

I have entered the stage in my life where the term “date” means something else entirely.  I am beginning to do playdates. Not the kind where you take your kid to someone’s house and stay there the entire time, but actually the more productive kind where you can drop them off and run a few […]

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A Thank You Letter to My Therapist

Every mom needs an outlet. My outlet gives me peace, time to just be alone with my thoughts and ends up costing me a fortune.  These are only some of the reasons why I consider “her” to be my therapist. Most people know “her” as Target. Or as I, and many others, like to refer […]

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