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My Babysitter Wish List

Some girlfriends and I were talking the other night about our babysitters and how we wish they knew certain things that put our minds at ease when we go out for the evening!  Below is a “Babysitter Wish List” from the perspective of a couple of Moms with littles at home. 

  • If you’re going to be late, send a text so we can plan ahead.  If you are running on time, send a quick text to let us know you are on your way! 
  • Ask questions (if it is your first time to babysit especially). Examples: What are the bedtime routines? Do the kids need a bath? Is there anything that is against the rules? 
  • Engage with the kids! When you come in greet them and let them know you are excited to spend time with them. It always makes me feel encouraged to see babysitters that really make an effort with my kids. 
  • If the children are crying when we leave, let us know you’ve got it under control and encourage us to leave and have a good time.  
  • Make sure you have our cell phone numbers and the address to the house is written down somewhere in case of emergency… or a pizza delivery! 
  • CPR/safety certification is a BONUS. 
  • A quick text or picture saying the kids are asleep or in bed always helps me fully relax while I am out.  
  • Before you sit down and watch Netflix, make sure you tidy up.  Don’t leave the house like you found it. If you do more than is expected of you, I can assure you that we will ask you back!  Examples: Do the dishes in the sink, pick up the playroom, empty the trash.  Even if it’s not done the “right” way, the effort will NOT go unnoticed.  When I was growing up and babysitting my Mom always stressed this!
  • When we get back home let us know you’d like to come back. This lets us know that you had a good time with our kids! 

What else makes you feel comfortable with babysitters? I’d love to know you suggestions! 

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