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Be an Advocate for Yourself, Mom

Be an Advocate for yourself-MomDMB

We do it for our children.  We do it for our significant other and our parents.  So why, when it comes to our physical or mental health do we seem to push our struggles to the back burner? As a Mom I think we are so used to taking care of everyone else that sometimes we don’t prioritize OUR health and well being! As “Mom” we have so much responsibility to keep our family fed, alive, and somewhat presentable. In order to keep up with all of this though, we need to have the energy (both physically and emotionally) to keep up! So although it may seem unnatural at first, I think it’s important that we as Moms learn to advocate for ourselves.  

Over the past year, I have dealt with some pretty difficult health issues.  I struggled to keep up my duties as Mom, wife, friend, and business owner at the expense of my own sanity and health. After going through this, I have learned that my health is just as important in the equation of my little family. 

Here are some things that have helped me advocate for myself and become a healthier and happier Mom and wife. 

  1. Make room for something you love.  I love writing and reading and I almost completely stopped after having kids.  Reading makes me come alive.  Even if I can just squeeze in 1 chapter per day, I instantly feel “fed” creatively.  
  2. ASK FOR HELP! Be SPECIFIC.  People offered to bring meals (which was SO sweet) but what I really needed was help watching my kids during doctors appointments and for someone to come deep clean my house. People want to help, but sometimes they dont know what would be the most helpful.  It may feel awkward at first, but I have learned to just be HONEST about what would help the MOST.  
  3. Find the RIGHT people.  If you are battling with emotional or mental issues, don’t settle for the FIRST counselor or doctor that you run across.  Be patient and find the RIGHT PERSON.  If you are going to carve out this time and shell out the money, make sure that it is worth it! DO NOT SETTLE.  You need to find someone who will HEAR you and ADVOCATE FOR YOU/ WITH YOU. 
  4. Create a peaceful ambiance at home. Setting the tone in my house helps me stay calm.  When I get to the point of feeling overwhelmed or stressed at home, we turn off the TV. I open all the blinds so we have a ton of natural light.  I put on peaceful music and light a couple candles.  Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, it helps me go from stress mode to a bit more CALM. Hitting RESET it sometimes exactly what I need. 
  5. Remember it’s just a season. Everything is temporary.  The baby years. The toddler years.  The sticky floors and colored walls.  Someday your house will be clean. And quiet. And peaceful…. and you are going to miss the noise and the messes.  I try my best to be PRESENT each day and thankful for my current season but on hard days it helps me remember that my current struggles and situation are so temporary in the grand scheme of things.  It will not last forever and you will get through it! 

I would love to know anything you do that has improved your mental or emotional health as a Mom! I want to encourage all of you to make your health a priority.  A healthy MOM makes for a happier family, home, and life! 


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