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Best Of 2017: Your Favorite DMB Posts This Year

As we prepare to put 2017 to bed, let’s take a look back at the posts y’all read the most. Who doesn’t love a top ten list? It’s practically encoded in our DNA.

2017 DMB Top Ten Posts Favorite Posts Popular Posts

Looking at these favorite posts, a few things are immediately clear: 1) people are serious about football (and sports in general); 2) Target continues to rule all; 3) we are always evaluating how technology and screen time play into our lives and the lives of our children. Such is parenting in modern America.

We are so proud and grateful to have a corner of the internet where we can confess and crowd-source and share tricks of the trade with other moms. And we have so many more great posts and fun events planned for 2018. Thank you for being a part of this community!

Top 10 Most Popular DMB Posts in 2017

1. It’s Football Season – Hug The Coach’s Wife by Rachel Randolph

Shedding light on the sacrifices made by the spouse of a coach who works long hours with your child during the season, often at the expense of his own family life. Rachel wrote this in the fall of 2016 and it is still being shared like crazy a year later!

2. If You Take a Mom to Target by Natalie Boyle

Giggle and nod along to this utterly relatable account of a weekday trip to Target, done in the style of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

3. Dirty Dozen :: Dangerous Apps Used By Kids by Raema M.

“Navigating these waters can be tricky. We want to give our kids the opportunity to be trusted, but apps make it hard to keep them from drifting. When entrusting a child with a cell phone we need to have honest conversations about the dangers, what boundaries are set and consequences for breaking those rules.”

4. It’s Football Season – High Five the Coaches’ Kids by Rachel Randolph

I told you football was popular this year. Need to mix in more Friday Night Lights references on the blog in 2018.
“…Until you’re in it, you never realize all the sacrifice that goes into high school sports.”

5. Best Places In Dallas to Have a Kids Birthday Party When Dealing With Unpredictable Weather by Sarah Brice Calver

This is in response to unpredictable winter weather that prevents outdoor parties, but it totally applies to Texas summer birthdays too, which can be brutal outside unless water is involved. Indoor parties for the win!

6. Egg-celent Egg Hunts and Easter Activities in North Texas by Carla Meadows

This one makes me smile because as I type this I’m knee-deep in wrapping paper and Christmas decor. Carla rounded up every Easter activity in the metroplex and listed them by date and by city. Y’all? That is one of my favorite things about DMB – if you need ideas for where to go or what to do, we have got you covered!

7. 5 Favorite Kid-Friendly Patios in Dallas by Amanda Lauro

“…if you’re looking for a patio spot to relax and enjoy yummy food and drinks, all while your kiddos run around and get out some of their endless energy — look no farther…”

8. Ten Ways to Occupy a Toddler While You Shower by Rachel Randolph

“A day will come when your child will sit through an entire episode of Sesame Street or play independently for 20 minutes without being destructive…”
Until then, contain and distract! Hot tips for keeping wee ones busy while you shower and get yourself ready.

9. 4 Best Places To Hike With Kids Near The Plano Area by Jennifer Akin

All you need to know about the best parks for exploring nature with the kids. Lots of info on whether spots have bathrooms, or are stroller-friendly, or have playgrounds in case the hiking part is a bust. No need to be intimidated by the hiking aspect – Jennifer self-identifies as “not terribly outdoorsy.”

10. Hey Mama: Step Away From the Phone by Abby Misegades

Ahhh, a tale as old as smartphones. This really resonates with me, as someone who was recently shamed by a 6-year-old for “acting like a teenager on the phone.” Way harsh, Tai.

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