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My Biggest Mom Guilt Moments

Mom guilt is a real and intense thing. It sneaks up on you and surprises you when you least expect it. And it makes you feel like crap. We all have those moments when we have done something, said something, not done something, not said something that slaps us in the face and makes our stomach turn with guilt.

It happens on the daily for me, several times a day. But I have learned that it’s part of this wonderful journey of Motherhood. Those constant ups and downs, highs and lows, that make us feel like a crazy person. So to help you feel like its not just you I thought I would share some of my Biggest and Ongoing Mom Guilt Moments.

I Throw Away My Kids Art

For real. Everyday. Like, most of it. How horrible is that?! My oldest daughter Molly is a little artist. She will happily draw, color, craft and so on for an entire afternoon. It’s awesome and I think she is actually very talented and I am so proud of her. But it produces A TON of little masterpieces and I don’t have the space for that. In one day, between school and home, she probably averages about 10 pieces of artwork. It’s insane. So when the pile gets too big I throw them away. In the garage trashcan so she doesn’t spot them. Eek! If she sees I have thrown them away then the guilt meter goes way up as she gives me the saddest face! Oops!

I Yell at My Kids for, ya know, Being Kids

Anybody who truly knows me, and most of all my husband, can attest to the fact that I have very minimal amounts of patience and a bit of a temper. Mix that with two strong willed girls and it can get not so pretty. I am often too quick to get mad or yell over things that most 2 and 5 year olds do. And as soon as the “Mom voice” comes out I instantly feel so guilty about it. I legit apologize to my kids all day long. 

I Prioritize Me Time

Just because I am a Mom doesn’t mean I have to give up my “me” time. It’s important and helps me recharge. But sometimes when I have had several girls nights in a week and am heading out the door to grocery shop alone I feel bad. I should want to be with my kids all the time right? I love them so much but this Mom needs some space every now and then. Trust me, it’s good for everybody.

I Get My Kids Happy Meals for Dinner

Gasp! Call protective services. I sometimes feed my kids chicken nuggets from McDonalds. I know, it’s terrible. I am not a cook, I don’t enjoy cooking and occasionally I am just flat out too tired to even contemplate putting a meal together. So I drive through the golden arches, order a couple of happy meals and then watch my kids squeal with excitement and scarf down probably the worst thing a human being can eat. 

I Get Excited About Bedtime (starting around 4)

The days are long but the years are short. That is what everyone tells you right. Well it’s true…the days are so. flipping. long. Like, so long. So while I love spending time with my little crazies and I love them to death, the sweet sweet bedtime hour is just so special. There is nothing better than singing a song, saying our prayers, tucking that tiny little person into their bed, giving hugs and kisses and then CLOSING THE DOOR. I may or may not do a happy dance in the hallway. Where’s my wine?!

Mom guilt can get you. It can bring you down. It can make you feel like a terrible person and an even worse Mom. But listen ladies, we are all just doing our best to raise these little people into decent human beings and we have to pick and choose our survival methods. So put the guilt away. 


Do you have a single Mom Guilt moment you want to share? Do you have filing cabinets upon filing cabinets of every piece of art your kid has ever produced? Share in the comments!

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