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Birthday Presents In a Pinch

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve settled down for five precious minutes with a cup of coffee when your eye spies the forgotten birthday invitation. The party is that day in ONE hour. And you’ve RSVP’d yes. Panicking you wonder if you can get everyone ready, swing a present pickup and get there in time for cake. Heavy breathing ensues.

We’ve all been here, having a child’s birthday party sneak up. But rather than go into a frenzy, how nice would it be if you could quickly go to your stash of pre-bought or pre-made birthday gifts and realize your most daunting challenge will be getting the children to brush their hair.

Here are some present ideas to have stashed (by ages):

Bubbles and Bubble Bath
Crayons/Finger Paints (washable)
Construction Paper
Lego Duplo Basic Bricks Set

Coloring Book
LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box
Play Dough and Play Dough Tools
Bath Ball(s)
Craft Kit

Board Game
Fun Colorful Notebook
LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box
Magic Tricks
Science Kit


All Ages
Create an outing gift certificate in advance. The certificate can be for your family to treat the birthday child (and their family) to a fun activity or restaurant in the city. Examples: “Happy Birthday! We’d like to treat you and family to a picnic and playdate in the park! Call us and let’s plan to get together!” or “ROAR! We’d like to take you and family on a science museum visit to see the dinosaurs! Let’s make plans soon!”  

Or consider donating to a nonprofit you know has special meaning for the family. It also never hurts to stash a couple of cards for making a great presentation. Some of my favorite places to purchase cards and presents are Trader Joe’s, HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning

Wishing everyone many happy birthday parties! 

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