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Black History :: What It Means to Me

Black History

Let’s be real, if you follow me, then you know one major thing, I love my Blackness. It is something that I own, something that I feel is truly me in its own special way. When January 31st comes around, it almost like Christmas Eve because I know that when February 1st rolls around, there is a month dedicated to Black History, a culture that uniquely is the seam of America. I’m so Black y’all!! I’m Black y’all, I’m blackity-black-black-black!!

What makes it so important?

In a world where blackness is generally portrayed as this negative thing, generalized by media portrayals of anger, violence, and a lack of intelligence, the world stops in this one month to recognize some of the good that African Americans have contributed to the world. I say, “some,” because in most schools, the true history of Blacks is not talked about. You generally get the basics of Malcom X, MLK, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, but there is no history about queens and kings in Africa before coming to America. It doesn’t speak of the many contributions that Blacks have made in history that has allowed us to keep up with other countries in the world. But most importantly, it is representation.

This month, where schools focus on showing little black boys and girls that they are important enough to change the world and that their history is a legacy of greatness, not just a legacy of sadness. Black History Month is a “Lights, Camera, Action” for the contributions and for the positive things that African Americans have done! It is recognition for a culture that is truly unrecognized. It is Blackness, uninhibited, unadulterated Blackness. (Can you see my pride shining through?)

Ways to celebrate Black History Month this year:

February is a great month for celebrating your blackness, especially in 2018. Let’s not forget the premiere of the Movie of the year, Black Panther!!! The first black Marvel Superhero Movie with an all-black leading cast, black producers, in an all-black month!! I don’t think I have been this excited for Black History Month ever!! So celebrate by immersing yourself in Black/African culture. Learn about the history of African Americans and attend some events such as:

It does not stop here, there are many more events to help celebrate Black History Month. But also, Black History should be celebrated all throughout the year, because the accomplishments of African Americans deserves year-long recognition instead of 28 (maybe 29) days. So let your melanin pop, soul glow that fro and show the world that Beautiful Blackness in a month lifetime dedicated to US.


Black History

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