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I Kept My New Year’s Resolution for the First Time and it Led to {My Most Positive Year} Yet

The Resolution I have never been one to make (much less keep) a New Year’s resolution. Even when I have resolved to do something, it was the basic health-kick type goals, which just didn’t last long into the year. In 2017, I decided that I wanted to make a realistic resolution, one that was manageable […]

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Surviving Summer Reading

How to Survive All the Summer Reading

I love summer reading. I love it so so much. Am I alone here? We all know it is good and necessary to keep kids sharp over the summer, but it can also feel like a chore for parents to implement. As my kids have gotten older, I have developed a (work-in-progress) list of tips to make […]

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How to Encourage Summer reading Dallas Moms Blog

How to Encourage Summer Reading

Kids spend the whole school year practicing good reading habits, but once the school bell rings on that last day, how do you keep them interested in reading over the summer? Dallas Moms Blog contributors Lee Cordon and Amanda Hunter appeared on the CW’s Eye Opener to talk about all things summer reading!  Here’s a […]

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Books to Read to Your Kids: The Good, The Bad, And the Uncomfortable

We all read to our kids, it is definitely one of the most relaxing family activities. There are so many wonderful, happy and funny children’s books. However, what happens when life brings some not so happy or funny moments? I still think turning to children’s books can be the answer. Below are books that help […]

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Heather and Karla

Yes, Fellow Mom, You Still Need Friends (Even if it Feels Weird) + Twitter Party Invite!

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with City Moms Blog and Zondervan Publishing to bring you this post and Twitter Party announcement. All opinions are 100% our own.  Friends? That seems so tenth grade. Who has time for that now? You have friends when you are single or, at a minimum, kid-free. Girlfriends are for leisurely bargain-spotting strolls through […]

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