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Mamas Rest Easy Sleep Series

My January Detox

New Years Detox Plan

I have spent a month indulging: spending, eating, drinking, skipping the gym and saying yes to dessert. I know I can’t be the only one feeling like I need a good detox, right? I have been looking forward to the New Year as a natural transition into better habits; January is the perfect time to […]

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Putting a Price on Sanity: 7 Things I Learned from Hiring a Sleep Trainer

I can almost hear the collective gasp of mothers everywhere as I type out the words “sleep training” –  the assumptions, the judgment, the “I would never” declarations just waiting to make their way to the comments section of this post. Look, I get it.  I get where the anger and vitriol and pitchforks come […]

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Overnight Care

Have You Thought About an Overnight Nanny? {Sponsored}

This post has been sponsored to bring you helpful information on overnight newborn care. Your bundle of joy is coming soon! You heard a friend mention how great it was having an overnight nanny. An overnight nanny? What do they do? Do I need an overnight nanny? You start thinking more about the benefits of […]

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