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Connecting Children to Parents with KidReports & iPad Mini Giveaway

This post was sponsored by KidReports, a mobile app that connects parents to their children while in the care of childcare providers. Learn more about this innovative app and congratulations to Susan Eclaire for winning the iPad giveaway! 

KidReportsPaperThis past school year was my son’s first year in Mother’s Day Out. I’d spent almost 2 years being by my son’s side every day, all day, and releasing him over into someone else’s care was one of the harder things I’ve done as a mom. (You working moms are amazing people!) You want to know that they’re in good hands and what they’re learning and doing throughout the day is in their best interests.

I tried to be an actively-involved parent and inquire each day what new things my child had learned or find out what fun activities they’d done, but at his preschool, the drop off and pick up was the most difficult time to try and get time with the teacher. There were 12 other parents doing the same thing, so responses were often short and sweet. Most days, the most information I could gather was on a little info card that was sent home at the end of each MDO day — art project, how much he ate, and whether he had a diaper change.

I definitely didn’t want to be that mom you saw peeking through the windows during the school day (Creepy!), but I would love to be able to find out how he’s doing and how he interacts with other children in his environment.Well, KidReports does exactly this!!

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With KidReports, parents have the ability to receive daily reports for their child through email, text message and/or push notification to their smartphone, tablet or PC. In addition, the cloud technology provides an efficient way for daycare administrators and teachers to communicate important events to parents such as photo day, new activities, curriculum announcements, parents’ night out, inclement weather, etc.

Throught the day, teachers have the ability to upload photos or videos, log daily activities, and send quick texts to parents through the cloud. Parents can either choose to access it at on their own time or receive push notifications when a new image or message is received.

For teachers, KidReports also serves as a great classroom management resource with instant access to attendance, assessment logs, and child/parent profiles.

KidReports is offered to daycare and child care providers for as little as $5 per month per child enrolled. Free 30-days trials are currently available to area daycare and childcare facilities. Childcare providers can sign up for a free trial at


Parents love KidReports! See what a few moms have to say:

“Nothing makes my day brighter than getting a surprise picture message from my son’s daycare. They enjoy sending the pictures almost as much as I enjoy receiving them!” Tamera J. – Smithfield, VA

“The peace of mind I get from getting real-time updates on my 10 week old is priceless! I don’t find myself worrying about her while I’m on the job.” Lisa K. – Nashville, TN

“I love the emails I receive throughout the day! It makes me feel connected with my son even while I’m at work.” Pamela S. – Cary, NC


Can you imagine being able to say “goodbye” to those daily paper reports, and know up-to-the-minute what your child is doing, and even receive photos while their having fun in music, gym, or chapel?

Think about telling your childcare provider about, and in the meantime, enter the KidReports giveaway and you could win an iPad Mini!  The giveaway starts today, and will end on June 30, 2013.

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