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Cool Ideas to Keep From Overheating This Summer

It’s about that time of year again when we all regret ever saying “I hate the cold, I can’t wait for summer.”

It’s Texas-summer-hot, y’all!

It’s burn-your-feet-running-from-the-chair-to-the-pool hot. 

It’s lobster-sunburn-oh-my-lanta-it-hurts hot.

It’s my-makeup-is-melting-off-my-face-why’d-I-bother hot.

It’s don’t-touch-the-car-seat-buckles-unless-you-want-3rd-degree-burns hot.

It’s “I hate the heat, I can’t wait for winter” hot!

And it’s only July!  Since our spring was so mild, I’m preparing for this summer to be a scorcher.  There’s only one way of surviving Texas summers, and that’s with a few tricks up our sleeves!!


First and foremost — hydrate!

But why, oh why is something so important for us so boring?!  Water = boring!  Water with lemons and limes – hmm, not so bad.  Water with limes and strawberries – better.  Water with mint and limes and strawberries – okay this is getting fun!  For the kids, all they need is water in their favorite Frozen or Batman thermos and they are good to go.  Heaven forbid you forget one though.  Trust me — Never. Forget. Just. One!!!

20150701_191856Another great way to hydrate – freeze some grapes and watermelon to take with you to the park or pool.  It’s such a fun treat.  And a delicious and healthy way to hydrate!

Splashpads are the perfect destination for a hot-summer-playdate! 

What kid doesn’t love playing with a Summer Cooler Fan?  I know mine do!  In a pinch – a spray bottle filled with ice water will be almost as awesome.

On hot summer days at the pool or park, I like to pack up drinks in our cooler with our big ice packs and some smaller ice packs for the kids to play with.  You can even freeze some wet washcloths that will feel awesome after 30 minutes at the park.  These Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads work like magic — becoming cool when wet and staying cool as long as they are wet!  How they work isn’t as important as how awesome they feel on a hot summer day!!

Did you know a sun visor for your car can keep it about 10 degrees cooler? 

You probably did because you are just so smart (like my husband).  My problem is that you have to remember to put it up every time you stop, and who has time for that?  But I try, I promise dear husband – I do try! 

This Car Seat Sun Shade claims to keep car seats 26 degrees cooler!  In a pinch – a white towel over the car seat can also make a big difference.  Those buckles have been known to cause actual burns before, so either option is looking pretty good right now!

NoggleI always feel kinda guilty sitting in the front seat of the car and having the AC vent blowing right on my face.  Especially with a rear facing toddler in the back sweating buckets.  So when fellow contributor Amanda H. told us about the Noggle– a tube that hooks to the air vent and carries the air straight to your kids in the back – I was sold! She says it’s “been life changing and will allow me to keep Chloe comfortable and rear facing for much longer.

I am in love our Nest thermostat

I can use an app on my phone to turn on the AC before we even leave the park or pool.  Coming home to a cool house is pretty nice. 

Never underestimate what a difference sitting in the shade will make. 

And it might look silly, but bringing your umbrella to create shade – level expert! It might not *technically* be any cooler, but being in direct sunlight feels almost 15 degrees hotter.  That umbrella is looking pretty good now, isn’t it?!

Water balloon fights, playing in the sprinklers, popsicles in the yard — I would be remiss if I didn’t list the basics!  Each of these spell cool summer fun in my book!

Short haircuts and ponytails.  We have some thick hair genes in my family.  We can’t survive summer in TX without short summer haircuts and high ponytails all summer long! 


What tricks do you have up your sleeve this summer?  Please share!! 

Us Texans have got to stick together to survive this summer heat!! 

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