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Dallas’ Guide to Popsicles, Slushes, and Cold Treats

As if any of us really NEED an excuse to eat some sugar, the summer heat just begs us to add sweet treats to our diet! Here at Dallas Moms Blog, we want you moms to be on your A-game, so we’ve rounded up quite a list in hopes that none of you are caught empty handed. 

Dallas' Guide To

1.  WILD ABOUT HARRY’S – We’re wild about the frozen custard, described as a little richer than ice cream with an extra dose of egg yolks and less air to make it extra creamy.  We’re also wild about the hot dogs and their to-go cartons sold at Central Market. :: 3113 Knox St; 111 S Hall St

2.  HYPNOTIC EMPORIUM – For you lovers of Hypnotic’s donuts, go next door and let me make your day.  May I introduce you to “The Dream”: scoop up to three homemade flavors between a glazed Hypnotic donut, which is then pressed like a panini and drizzled with caramel or chocolate topping.  You are welcome.  :: 9005 Garland Rd

3.  HENRY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM – With flavors like Lavender Vanilla and Caramel Corn, Henry’s Ice Cream puts Plano’s sugar scene on the map. :: 3100 Independence Parkway, Suite 215, Plano

4.  MONSTER YOGURT – We’ve blogged about this special gem before.  Yogurt, free wifi, a children’s play area, and free coffee for parents.  What’s not to love?  The yogurt shop has since opened a second location near Campbell and Coit in Richardson. :: 9540 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX

5. HOWDY’S HOMEMADE – Come for the ice cream (flavors like Dr. Pepper chocolate chip, hot tamale, and avocado), but stay for the people.  In addition to fabulous frozen cream, Howdy’s mission includes hiring and training people with Down Syndrome and Autism.  I’ve been twice and the guy behind the counter remembered my kids’ names the second time we returned.  That’s friendly service! :: 4333 Lovers Lane

iCream-Cafe-Review-216.  iCREAM CAFE – If your kids are into science (and sugar), you have to check out Frisco’s coolest spot.  Cassidy describes here how the folks behind iCream freeze your specialized concoction right in front of your eyes using the “magic” of liquid nitrogen. :: 9250 Dallas Parkway, Frisco

7.  CARNIVAL BARKER’S ICE CREAMS – Formerly the ice cream stop at Lower Greenville’s Truck Yard, Carnival Barker’s moved shop late last year.  Lovers of their rice krispy treat ice cream sandwiches and frozen bananas can still find them and that famous in-house ice cream at their new Oak Cliff storefront. :: 345 West Jefferson Blvd

8.  POKEY-O’S – When you combine two warm cookies with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream, you create a little slice of my own personal heaven.  And did you know they cater for large events?  Just think, a birthday party dream! :: 3034 Mockingbird Ln

9.  DOUBLE DIP FROZEN CUSTARD – Always a fan of keeping the kids in their car seats, this place got me like DRIVE-THRU! But, get out of the car and stay awhile to enjoy the classic hopscotch course in old town Frisco after your classic frozen “caliche”, their version of classic custard blended with your choice of mix-in toppings. :: 7511 Main St, Frisco

10.  THE SWEET HOUSE – Families with food allergies will want to check out this Rowlett shop’s vegan ice cream made with almond milk and gelato.  For the rest of you lactose heathens, the adorable shop features handmade ice cream, popsicles in the summer, rare soda bottles, and old-fashioned candy.  7001 Rowlett Rd, Suite 200, Rowlett

IMG_140311.  FRUTERIA CANO – Aguas frescas are THE summer fruity drink for many countries south of the border.  Luckily, Dallas’ own Fruteria Cano has some pretty great offerings like fresh melons and mangos infused with sugar water and spices. :: 1133 N Zang Blvd; 800 S Beacon St

12.  TC SHAVED ICE – The opening of this hot pink shaved ice stand signifies the arrival of summer for me.  You’ll see the standard rainbow-colored flavors but, be sure to check out the “Knockout” for an extra scoop of ice cream on top. :: 10999 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX

13.  SPRINKLES ICE CREAM – Whoa, Sprinkles? Like the cupcake guys? Yep. “Sprinkle” that cupcake over some decadent ice cream for the ultimate sundae.  Located next door to the original baked treats, Preston Center just got a whole lot cooler.  Flavors rotate daily in similar fashion to the cupcakes.  Check here for the latest menu. :: 4020 Villanova Dr

sno14.  FOOD TRUCKS – Food trucks are hot and here to stay in Dallas.  Make sure to check the social media pages of What’s Da Scoop and the creative ice cream sandwich truck, COOLHAUS, to catch up with either of these mobile trucks on a hot summer day.

15.  COW TIPPING CREAMERY – When pizza guru Jay Jerrier (Cane Rosso and Zolie’s founder) gets behind something, people listen.  Jay discovered this soft-serve mecca in Austin and convinced them northwards.  Enjoy a “stacker”, their version of a layered sundae.  My fave: the “High Tea” with fresh lemon curd, honey dust, and crushed tea biscuits. :: 1146 Peavy Rd

16.  SWEET MIX – Ever since Cassidy wrote about those waffle sandwiches, I can’t get this sweet shop out of my head.  Hello, Nutella!  I’m sure I’ll see you very soon. :: 1811 N Greenville Ave, Suite 300, Richardson

17.  SNO GOURMET SHAVED ICE – Some people swear shaved ice doesn’t get any better than North Dallas’ Sno.  Hard to find flavors like nectar and spearmint find their way on the same menu as natural flavors like pineapple and coconut . :: 7813 Meadow Rd

18.  LOWER GREENVILLE – Lower Greenville is not the bar-hopping street you remember from college.  Updated pedestrian paths were added in recent years making the strip family-friendly and bursting with restaurants and treat shops.  Check out the gourmet popsicles at Steel City Pops or the “tricked up” soft-serve cones at the new hipster shop outside the Truck Yard, Motor Sisters. New to the block: Joy Macarons is filling their French pastries with ice cream(!) and LA’s hottest trend, the “milky bun” hits our streets this summer.  Milk & Cream opens with their featured ice cream stuffed in a doughnut-like bun/pastry.  :: Steel City Pops – 2012 Greenville Ave; Motor Sisters – 5624 Sears St; Joy Macarons – 1927 Greenville Ave; Milk & Cream, 5420 Ross Ave

IMG_398619.  HIGHLAND PARK SODA FOUNTAIN – Restaurants come and go in this flaky town, but this Dallas icon has served up sweet treats for over 100 years. Step back in time when you sit up to the counter and order an old-fashioned shake or malt in a frosty glass.  We recommend the “egg cream” soda. :: 3229 Knox St, Dallas, TX

20.  SWEET FIREFLY – The Food Network lists Sweet Firefly as one of the top places to eat because of the signature flavor Coffee Toffee Crunch and the New Orleans-style SnowBall (a frozen concoction made from shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk).  We love it because of the bargain prices for scoops and the old-fashioned penny candy.  Bonus: need a creative place for a baby shower? Keep Sweet Firefly’s private room in mind. :: 2701 Custer Parkway, Richardson

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