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Dallas Synergy Chiropractic :: A Different Kind of Chiropractic Care

**This post has been sponsored by Dallas Synergy Chiropractic to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

A different kind of Chiropractic CareA visit with your family to Dallas Synergy Chiropractic will take away any fears or misconceptions you might have about chiropractic care.  Drs. Bryan and Brittney Asby are a very caring team of chiropractic doctors, conveniently located at Hillcrest & 635 in Dallas, and are ready to take care of your family and make you a believer of chiropractic care!

Years and years ago, shortly before my husband and I married, my mother convinced me I needed to see the chiropractor.  She was sure a visit to her chiropractor would be just the thing I needed to fix my minor back pain.  I had never been and wasn’t sure what to expect.  My little sister had been seeing the same doctor so she came with me and gave me the run-down.  All was going well until…CRACK!  A pop in my neck so painful I cried.  Later, my sister said, “Yeah, I didn’t want to tell you about that one.”  She knew it would hurt, but didn’t want to deter me from the visit.

This is not at all what the experience was like at Dallas Synergy Chiropractic.  I filled out the new patient paperwork for myself and my almost 3-year-old, which provided them a look at our past and current health.  When we met with them in the office, they had a good understanding about the issues going on with each of us.  Their office is big and spacious, with a great play area for kids.  My Little Man joined the “office mascot”, their sweet son Chet, to play with trains and blocks on the floor.

Dallas Synergy Chiropractic takes a different approach to chiropractic that focuses on nervous system dysfunction and how the muscles move the body.  They explained that when you are experiencing pain, that is actually a symptom of a deeper problem.  They work to help you determine the cause of the pain and heal the body holistically.  With this same approach, they help kids maintain their health so they don’t experience the same symptoms from inflammation.

Dr. Brittney focuses her care on moms, pregnant moms, infants and toddlers.  Little Man had a low-grade fever when we visited, and I was looking forward to him feeling better after his adjustment.  It took me getting on the table to convince him to finally lay day for his adjustment, though not for lack of trying!  Dr. Brittney started out moving my legs into place and gently checked my legs and ankles.  Then I turned over onto my stomach and she began pushing on pressure points, alternating between my neck, back and checking my joints.  While Dr. Brittney continued adjusting me, I felt my body relaxing and my heart rate slowing down.  Clearly, I was holding onto stress from the day!  And just like that, momma was done!  No twists, no pops, no pain.

A different kind of chiropractic careDr. Brittney took a scan of my son’s spine.  It was like a two-sided pizza cutter thing that started at his lower back, rolled up his back to his neck, and then behind each ear.  After the scan, Little Man chose to lay on top of a brightly colored pillow for his adjustment (ok, really it was a pregnancy pillow with a hole cut on in the middle, but whatever it takes, right?) and relaxed while Dr. Brittney repeated similar steps on him.  He followed her easy-to-follow directions, and just like that, baby boy was done!  No twists, no pops, no pain.

Dr. Bryan specializes in helping kids manage ADHD or spectrum sensory conditions.  I had never thought about this aspect of care for kids who experience these kinds of issues, but can imagine how beneficial this approach to their overall heath could be!  A few minutes spent getting adjusted helps me calm down and become better focused on my own tasks, so I can see how this could be a great way to support kids and families who struggle with these disorders on a daily basis.

Later, Dr. Bryan sat with me to review my son’s scan.  He identified in the results the places where my son was experiencing inflammation and was the likely cause of the low-grade fever and cough he’d come in with.  The adjustment from Dr. Brittney certainly helped with the symptoms he was feeling!

Dallas Synergy Chiropractic took the time with me and my son to understand the symptoms we were both dealing with.  I appreciated the gentle approach that they took with our health in order to address the whole body.  If you are apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor, Dallas Synergy Chiropractic is a place that will change the way you think about chiropractic care!


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