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A Day In The Dallas Life With MOX Shoes

This post has been sponsored by Mox Shoes and City Moms Blog Network. All opinions are 100% our own! Also, don’t miss their special offer for a 10% discount (with code DALLAS10) at the end of my post! 

Being a mom in Dallas means being a mom on the go — Between morning drop-offs, work, getting a mini-workout in (maybe?!), pickups, and after school activities- who has time for ‘cute/fashionable’ (read: usually uncomfortable) shoes? I have to admit, I’m a sneaker gal when at all possible. That’s why I was intrigued when MOX asked to pair up with Dallas Moms Blog and put a pair of their shoes to the test. I’d love to look more fashionable in the mornings rather than the mom who is wearing workout clothing who probably won’t work out that day! (Athleisure, anyone?)

I received THIS cute pair of grape colored Mox flats and immediately felt to the 100% man-made rubber in both my hands AND on my feet- this is going to be interesting! They’re super flexible, but I also need something supportive- so, off we go with my DAY OF MOX!

First thing first, time to get the kids out of bed. Dressed. Breakfast. Lunches packed. And into the car with the baby in tow.

I’m already noticing my feet honestly feel like I’m on a cushion of padding. Sneaker-like? CHECK. 

Dallas traffic on 635 is always an on-the-pedal/off-the-pedal experience and my feet feel supported; flats aren’t slipping off and still feeling very light and breezy!

Putting Errands to the Test

Up Next, Groceries. Walked around Trader Joe’s for about an hour and was happy to actually feel a breeze on my feet instead of being cooped up in ankle socks and sneakers! These flats are making me feel extra cute since they complete just about any outfit. I’ve been complimented twice now and it feels like I’m wearing something interesting and unique! Can shoes be a conversation-starter? New mom-friends, here I come!

Whether you’re at home or at work throughout the day, we all juggle an amazing amount, so why not do it in a comfy and cute pair of shoes? I can see these going well with any sort of cute cropped pant, jeans (ok, let’s be honest- jeggings if you’re a few months postpartum like I am), leggings and workout clothes if you’re on the run and in between gym and work/home. (Plus, honestly, I really really think they’d look good on any feet!)

Extra bonus: They’re waterproof so kid and baby spills can just be wiped off and you’re good to go rather than having to change your shoes! When MOX’s founders – both mompreneurs – designed these shoes, they knew what they were doing! 

Mid-Day Comfort Update:  My pinky toes which usually get scrunched up in flats that are too narrow are doing just fine! I love this ‘springy’ feeling that I get every time I take a step. Ballerinas flats can be adorable, but with no support, my feet tire of them quickly, and many of them sit in the back of my closet after their debut season. This is a shoe I can see will survive the test of time.

Baby is asleep so it’s time for me to get to work so back to the laptop it is for some editing. (I’m a classical musician and public relations consultant who works from home when I’m not on the road in a performance production)  Even around the house where I usually go barefoot, I’m keeping my MOX on because it’s such a nice and supportive shoe. 

Heading Out For the Afternoon

Time to pick up the boys which means back in the car again. We usually stop at a park (Coffee Park, The Arboretum Children’s Garden, Fire-Truck Park) on the way home which is where I end up chasing the kids around the playground, and climbing up the ‘this play area is intended for children ages 5-12’ jungle gym to ‘rescue’ my ambitious almost-three year old. 

I thought these would be a cute car/house/light walking shoe, but they stand up to the wood-chipped playgrounds, metal and plastic steps and slides, and not a scratch or stain. Previously I would avoid playgrounds with my ‘nicer’ flats— the material would always scuff or get stained and again, they’d go right to the back of my closet until I had time to clean them. But these shoes can really take on a tough PreK playground and hold their own!

At the End of the Day

My feet feel bouncy and supported, my ‘look’ feels put together, my activities were all easy, breezy, and successful in this pair of super-cute, comfy and stylish Mox shoes! Your feet AND your wallet will thank you for trying out a pair for the HOT Dallas summer that’s about to begin!

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