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Ditching the Suburbs for the Countryside

We sold our home in the suburbs this past month and it still feels a little surreal. Our house of 15 years was the place for holiday gatherings, birthdays, celebrations and of course, this was the first and only home my children ever lived in. Mi casita holds so many memories, but it’s time for a new family to make it their own and time for us to make a new home for our family.  So where to next?  

We are ditching the suburbs for the countryside, y’all!

This was a decision my husband and I made a few years ago. We stumbled across some acreage on a lake that was priced amazingly within our budget. So we made an offer and purchased the land. From that moment, we set the wheels in motion with a two-year plan: before our oldest enters high school, sell our house and move to the country.  I’m a teacher, so planning is what I naturally do! 

Some of my friends have questioned me about the move. Sure, it’ll be a culture shock for my kids, but here are the reasons, a.k.a the payoffs, for uprooting my family from the suburbs to the countryside:

  1. Freedom to do what you want! We’ll have less restrictions on what we do on our land and how to live off the land!
  2. Fewer neighbors. For me, not having my neighbors so close by, is a good thing. We like our privacy! I also don’t have to worry about my son kicking the soccer ball over the fence and bugging the neighbor to let us in her backyard to retrieve it. There will also be less traffic coming and going on our street. 
  3. Safety. My kids will have more freedom to play outdoors in our yard and be able to explore freely without my constant supervision. Of course, I will be watching my kids play, but it’s nice to know that they can play without me being a helicopter mom every second of their outdoor play. 
  4. Slower pace. People are not in a big rush out here in the country! It is time for us as a family to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of every day life in the suburbs and enjoy a slower pace of living by taking in our surroundings more often. From my personal experiences, I have always found it to be peaceful out in the countryside.  On a personal note, living in a slower-paced setting is great for me and my sanity. It means less anxiety for Mommy because there isn’t so much traffic! 
  5. Lower cost of living and taxes. I’m totally showing my age with this statement! But seriously, looking at this from a long term point of view, we want to retire in the countryside and enjoy our retirement with a lower cost of living and taxes. But why not start that in our 40s and enjoy those benefits now? 
  6. And the most important reason for moving to the country: Smaller classrooms. I want the best education for my children, we all do as parents. I realize that bigger school districts offer more resources for my kids, academically and socially. But in smaller classrooms, teachers are able to notice each child more and offer individualized instruction. Student learning is enhanced because the smaller classrooms are run like a community.  

suburbsI am a Dallas girl all the way! I love the culture, the museums, the concerts, pretty much everything that a big city can offer, I’m all over it. But I love the countryside too. Sure there are downsides to living in the country. We’ll be more prone to seeing snakes, bugs and wildlife, but that’s ok with us!  Our closest gas station is 25 minutes away, so we’ll need to fill up the gas tank before heading home. The grocery store is 35 minutes away, so my grocery list need to be on point on that weekly grocery trip!  But the rewards outweigh any of the cons.  So when my friends and family ask why we’ve moved so far out of town, I’ll simply say,

We made this move to the countryside for a better living for us and our kids. 

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