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SUMMIT DATE NIGHTOur marriage changed when we had our third baby. We were overwhelmed, outnumbered and under-rested. On a whim we tore the list of 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas out of D Magazine, lined up a babysitter to come every Saturday night we were in town, and started crossing locations off of our Bucket List of Food.

Saturday nights were delectable. We love to eat, and to look at food, and to talk about food. This weekly date night lent some variety to our standard time together (move over, Mi Cocina!) and assured us that at a minimum we would have 4 uninterrupted hours while our children were bathed and brushed and bedded by someone besides us. Did I also mention that it’s at least one built-in night per week that I don’t have to cook?!?

I highly recommend this weekly date night, and I have a new favorite date night destination to recommend!

Summit Climbing Gym in Dallas is an active date night that should go on your list as a “to-do.” It should be said I had never climbed before, remain a little scared of heights, and am a little too type A to typically enjoy chalk on my workout tights. Climbing with my husband, therefore, had significant obstacles (pun intended) to overcome. But we loved it.

First of all, an active date night blesses my active hubby. He appreciates seeing me step out of my comfort zone (and into a harness, apparently) because our dating relationship was more spontaneous and surprising than it is now with three little humans along for the ride. 

Doing something new and fun together was such a fun change from our standard Saturday night dinner out. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed climbing, and when tired of it I was thrilled to discover it is socially acceptable in a climbing gym to lay on a mat while your hubby climbs. A brief nap during this time is not out of the question. 

Wednesdays/Fridays/Saturdays you can get a discount on climbing if you go with a partner/are a woman/are a student {respectively}. There are locations in Dallas, Carrollton, Denton, and Grapevine. Regular price is $20/pp for unlimited climbing time and rental gear, so even if you don’t qualify for a discount it’s cheaper to climb with your spouse for a date night than it is to eat dinner out at most places! 

(We paid full price to check out Summit, and were not incentivized in any way. I just really loved it that much, and I hope you will too!)

Have you checked out Summit Climbing Gym, or another climbing gym? What did you think?




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