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Why My Family Made the Switch To Energy Ogre

This post has been sponsored by Energy Ogre. All opinions are 100% our own!

For the last few years, my husband and I had been hearing all about this new technology company making its way into North Texas. They’re not a provider, but a service that is designed to save families hundreds of dollars each year on energy costs. At the time, we were stuck in an energy provider’s contract but knew once it was time to renew we wanted to jump on this bandwagon! After all, anything that can free up a few extra dollars for our family of 5 helps. 

Last spring, we hopped online and enrolled in Energy Ogre and, even my husband will admit, there have been no regrets! 

If this is a company you might have heard about, but aren’t quite sure what exactly they do — or what the “catch” is —  I want to provide you with some first-hand experience using Energy Ogre and why YOU should discuss this option with your spouse before your next energy bill arrives. 

Why My Family Made The Switch To Energy Ogre

1) Energy Ogre works for you and they have your best interests in mind!

DON’T make the same mistake we did in assuming you have to wait until your current provider’s contract expires. You don’t and the savings can start now!

Once you enroll with Energy Ogre, they will work with you to look at your current contract and plan and decide (based on your usage and rates) whether staying with your current provider OR possibly terminating your contract and moving on to a new provider is in your best interest. That’s right. YOUR BEST INTEREST. Energy Ogre is paid for by its members, not electrical companies so that $10 a month you’ll pay is basically saying, “You work for me.” 

Remember, even with a termination fee, switching can still save you from larger bills, and Energy Ogre will review all options with you as they are working FOR you — not the energy companies. 

2) Energy Ogre has released us from wasting time and energy monitoring our electric bills.

As I mentioned, every dollar counts for our family, so my husband tried to do his best to monitor current energy rates, contract expiration dates, and current promotions; switching whenever it was best and going through the hassle of hopping on the phone to cancel one plan and transfer our service to another. (Imagine the work of “couponing” but with internet research and telephone calls.) Who has time for that!?

Once we enrolled with Energy Ogre, all of this work was taken off our plate! Most of the time we don’t even think about what’s going on with our energy provider — until every 6 months or so, we’ll receive a notice from whoever our current provider is letting us know our contract is expiring. It’s always a fun little reminder that we’re not lifting a finger and Energy Ogre is working in the background doing what they need to do to keep our rates low. 

3) Energy Ogre Made Our Move Easy!

Since making the switch last year to Energy Ogre, my family made a big move to a new home. During this time, all we had to do is let Energy Ogre know we were needing to transfer our service and they took care of all the rest; from shutting off our current electricity to finding a new service provider that would offer the lowest rates in our new home. 

There are so many other stressors when it comes to moving, letting Energy Ogre take care of this for us was one thing we loved not having to worry about. 

Since 2016, Energy Ogrehas provided customers with over $88 million in savings! My family is more than happy to be among those reaping the benefits. (And thanks to Hallie’s post, we’ve got plenty of ideas for how to spend those additional savings!

If you think you’re paying too much for your energy services (hint: you are), then you have to give Energy Ogre a try. To see for yourself, visit Energy Ogre to use their handy Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much money they can save you. Dallas Moms Blog readers can use promo code DALLASMOMSBLOG during sign up to get the 13th month of Energy Ogre membership free.



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