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There’s no surprise that the produce we find and see in our larger supermarkets can sometimes be meh.  The variety offered at my local supermarket isn’t always appealing, which can be disappointing for a mom like me.  I pride myself in cooking a variety of healthy meals for my family every week.  My kids are still growing and always snacking!  

However, when I buy at the local farmers market versus the grocery store, the local produce tends to have more flavor and be fresher.  In a perfect world, I would be able to visit the closest farmer’s market to me every week.  The reality is, it’s not always feasible to make that half hour drive to downtown because of my kids’ extracurricular activities every week. So when I heard about a local grower who delivers seasonal produce, I had to inquire! Getting produce deliveries at home from a local grower would be cost effective and convenient for any family looking to cook healthy meals!  And what mom isn’t about saving time and money?! 

I operate an in-home preschool program and offer a variety of vegetables to my students each day. We’re learning about healthy eating habits and even learning how to grow our own vegetable garden.  On the day we received our first box of produce from Fisher Family Farm, the kids and I were so excited!  

We could smell the freshness aroma coming through the crate as we carried it to the kitchen.   Oh please, let there be potatoes and zucchini!

Fisher Family Farm offers a variety of share boxes you can order easily online. I decided to go with the “growers only” full share box, which is quite affordable for my family and the preschoolers I work with every day.  There are other options to choose from and I love that I can order any size that fits my needs, which vary from week to week.  Fisher Family Farms also has a partnership with other local providers and offer share boxes that feature produce from their farms as well as other trusted growers. 

The Benefits of Eating Locally

FRESHNESS AND VITAMINS :: It’s common knowledge that foods grown further away from your local stores spend significant time on the road, and therefore have more time to lose nutrients before reaching the marketplace. For this reason, farmers growing for a local (and especially a direct) market favor taste, nutrition and diversity over shippability when choosing varieties. Typically, produce from local growers is usually sold within 24 hours after harvest, at its peak freshness and ripeness, making consuming them a more attractive prospect. Minimizing transportation and processing can ensure maximum freshness and flavor, and nutrient retention. *Source: Harvard School of Public Health

ECONOMICS & BUYING LOCAL :: Another benefit is that you’re not sending money to some far away corporate farm operation. It’s staying right here in the area; as the farms pay employees, buy from farm support companies, and send their kids to the same schools, UIL contests ,and athletic events that our families do. A dollar spent locally has a better chance to spent again locally.

“More than 75% of all agricultural output in the United States is produced by less than six percent of all U.S. farms.” – Penn State News quotes Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics Stephan Goetz

The upshot of buying local and non-corporate is helping to preserve a cultural heritage that is part and parcel of the American experience. In short, small farms are going away, at present comprising at best, 4.5% of all farms in the U.S., period. The more small farms that disappear, then the fewer your choices will be for produce choices moving forward.

If you’d rather get produce in person from Fisher Family Farm, you can find them at the Dallas Farmers Market, Good Local Markets, Historic McKinney Farmers Market and Coppell Farmers Market. You’ll also find their produce is frequently on the menu at restaurants such as Rex’s Downtown Seafood, Mudhen, Patina Green, Ric’s Chophouse, Celebration Restaurant and more.

With our produce order, we were able to make several healthy meals, including a delicious vegetable soup with my preschool class.  In case you don’t have any ideas on what to make, Fisher Family Farm also provides a couple of recipes in their box with the produce.  To learn more about this local grower and how to order your own produce box, visit their website or Facebook page

SPECIAL OFFER :: Right now, if you use MOMSBLOG as a promo code, you’ll get an additional 5% discount on your membership and a FREE 1 lb. jar of their honey on your first delivery. Additional savings are found when paying for the season in advance which offers a further 10% discount. (These early funds help the Fishers with planting and preparing crops for harvest.)

Fisher Farms is giving FIVE of our readers a chance to win a 1/2 share of their most popular Grocer plus aDelivery Option. (Winners must reside within their delivery area.) To enter to win, simply complete the entries below. Good Luck!

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