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Five Ways to Spend Your Energy Ogre Savings

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with by Energy Ogre to bring you this post. All opinions are 100% our own. 

I am a big fan of Energy Ogre (you can catch up on all the reasons why here), but in short it’s because they saved me a TON of money.

Right about now you are asking yourself, “How much are we really talking about here?” Well, we’re talking real amounts of money…not just nickels and dimes. Since January, my family has saved over $600 dollars on our electric bill. I know other families saving $400, $1,200, $8,000 (no, that’s not a typo)…it’s insane! And it’s all thanks to Energy Ogre.

They even save businesses too! For example, they just saved a Sugarland, Texas church over $103,00 over a 36 month time frame. Wow!

Energy Ogre helps customers finds the right energy plan, enroll and renew plans, and then handles any (and all) issues that might come up with your provider. It’s a completely Hassle Free way of managing your electricity with a guarantee — all for only $10/month.  And it’s super easy. You can start with just using their free savings calculator to see if they can save you money.  If they can, you simply sign up. Then watch the savings roll in!  

The big question becomes, what to do with all the extra cash?!  As an Energy Ogre customer, here are 5 Things YOU could do with your Energy Ogre savingsenergy ogre

1. Be Responsible – BORING! But it must be said. The most responsible thing to do with the money you are saving from Energy Ogre is to save it. Take what you would have spent with your old provider and transfer it right on over to your savings account (or in your Roth or your kids college fund).

2. Vacation – Listen up ladies…get started planning your girls trip now! I was able to book an all inclusive resort in Mexico last month for under $600, your Energy Ogre savings could be plenty to cover that! Sandy beach here we come!

3. Home Improvements – Take the money and invest it in your home. You can redecorate an entire room or spruce up your landscaping big time with the money that Energy Ogre is keeping in your wallet. Get your house company ready for all the holiday parties.

4. Host a Party – Did someone say Party? I love to throw a good dinner party, watch party or any other party you can think of. Invest those savings into a good time and really enjoy your new found freedom from energy companies. Good drinks, yummy food, fun decorations…its all in the budget!

5. Treat Yourself – After all, you did do all the hard work to earn these savings (not really, it’s so super easy through Energy Ogre). It’s time to really pamper yourself. Book a massage. Get a mani/pedi. Head to Northpark and do some shopping. Its time to do YOU. And do it right!


If you are paying too much for your energy services (hint: you are), then you have to give Energy Ogre a try. The service is easy and the people are nice and great to work with. And they will save you money!

To see for yourself, visit Energy Ogre to use their handy Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much money they can save you.

When you’re ready to register, make sure to use “dallasmomsblog” at registration to get your 13th month FREE! 

Sign up today and do something fun with all those savings!

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