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PCOS and egg donation

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    Hi, everybody. I came here to ask you to help me choose a clinic for my egg donation program. Several words about myself. I’m 30 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 22 and have been TTC for nearly 5 years without any positive results. After my last IVF the doctor advised us to try to conceive with the help of a donor egg. Unfortunately, cycling in the USA is too expensive for us now. My husband and I got interested one Ukrainian clinic. It’s situated in Kiev and its name is Biotexcom. We decided to contact this clinic because we found loads of positive feedbacks about it on various fertility forums. We even spoke with one woman who had her egg donation program in Kiev last year and give a birth to lovely son. The boy resembled her greatly though he was conceived with the help of a donor egg. We contacted them via the phone, and we liked how they talked with us. However, when we came to Kiev we were a little bit frustrated. Firstly, we didn’t expect to find out that the clinic was so tiny. It was situated in a small private house. We visited it twice and every time it was overcrowded with people of various nationalities.
    We met loads of Chinese and Indian patients there. The atmosphere was noisy and unpleasant. The staff was constantly going forwards and backwards. It seemed that the telephone was ringing for ages and nobody wanted to answer to it… The clinic administrator showed us by her facial expression that she was bored to death by our question why we had to wait in the queue to meet the clinic’s representatives. We used to visit another Ukrainian clinic the other days, and everything was different there. It was called Nadia. Firstly, the clinic halls were empty. The administrator was friendly, and the doctor soothing. We liked the way we were treated there, but we didn’t like that the clinic’s halls were empty. To be frank, it looked like we were in a horror film, because not a single soul was there. We didn’t sign contracts with any clinic and went back home. Now we have to decide whether to come back to Ukraine and choose one of these clinics, or go and try to get the egg donation in other clinic or maybe another country. I just want to get to know your opinion about both of these clinics. If the clinic is overcrowded with the patients, but the staff is cold and unfriendly, what does this mean??? I need your advice because I really don’t know what to do further…



    Oh, gosh…. Sounds really awful!!! Why have they made you wait so much time in the queue. If I were in your shoes, I would quit them nearly at once. Reputable clinics always take a professional approach in everything. They wouldn’t make their patients wait in the queues. Am I right?



    Hi, Jekky! Nice to meet you, dear! I quite agree with you that reputable clinics shouldn’t treat their clients like this. However, Biotexcom really seemed to be reputable at first. Before visiting them, we tried to google as much as possible information about them on various fertility forums and message boards. We read the posts where their former patients praised the fertility specialists who work there. A short video on their official website tells that they’ve helped a 66-year-old woman get pregnant. It sounds fantastic!!! However, that fact that they treat their clients carelessly spoils everything…



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    Check the way they’re going to choose a donor for you. It will be nice if your egg donor will be a young and healthy woman. Ask them to check her heredity. She shouldn’t have any hereditary issues. If I were in your shoes, I would also check how the clinic is going to treat my egg donor. These women deserve the best of the best. Don’t you agree with me?



    I quite agree with you, dear. I wouldn’t choose the clinic that uses young and poor women to earn money. It’s really unfair!!! I talked with our program manager about it and she reassured us that the clinic is really selective in finding egg donors for their clients. They deal only with the young women. If a woman wants to donate her eggs, she must be 18-25 years old. She must be totally healthy and have at least one healthy child. The woman must also have a good heredity. The clinic’s specialists always study the family trees of all egg donors and don’t deal with the women whose parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles have hereditary diseases. Each donor gets a decent money compensation for their eggs. The clinic also pays her living, transportation and medical expenses.



    Hi, dear. I would like to ask you why don’t you want to adopt a child. There are so many children around the world who were left by their parents. You may make one of them happy by adopting. I understand that you want to become a mom so much. But this child won’t be yours!!!! In addition, I think they won’t be able to choose an appropriate donor for you… I think it’s impossible to do this because each person is a unique one. Even twins aren’t the same.



    Hi, Kiala. I think your advice doesn’t sound smart. Adoption isn’t a simple procedure. It’s not like you come to an office and in a minute you’ll leave it with a child. Some couples may wait many years before they are allowed to adopt. It’s impolite to advise the things you don’t understand well!!! I think you should apologize.



    I quite agree with dogrose. You must adopt a child only when you sincerely want this. Otherwise, you won’t be happy. For me, egg donation is also ok. It will give an opportunity to carry, give birth and breastfeed. Finally, you’ll become a mum at last. I think it’s the only thing that really matters.



    Kaila, I think you should google more information about egg donation. Many ladies who agree to do it are infertile. They can’t become moms, and egg donation is their only chance to experience how it is to carry and give birth to a child. Adoption is also great, but it should be done when a couple sincerely wants this. I think my DH and I aren’t ready for this. I want to become pregnant and give birth to my child. I don’t care much about the fact that this baby will be conceived with the help of a donor egg.
    P.S. I don’t care much about the fact that the baby won’t look like me. He or she will look like my hubby whom I love very much. I think the clinic’s representatives will also do their best to find an appropriate donor for us. Before visiting them for the first time, we sent them a short description of the woman who would suit us as an egg donor. We included such details as height, weight, hair and eye color. They would use a special software to search for a donor in their database. If we sign up a contract, we’ll be able to see the donor’s 3D photo. This is how they’re going to look for a donor for us. What do you think about it, ladies?



    Johanna, the things you’ve written in your last post sound like a perfect match. You’ll be provided with the eggs of the young egg donor. Moreover, you’ll be able to see the donor’s 3D photo. As far as I know, not all reproductive clinics are allowed to provide their clients with the donor’s photos. You may just read the donor’s profile or see the donor’s photo in the childhood and nothing more! Johanna, will they charge any additional fees for the opportunity to see the donor’s 3D photo? Some fertility clinics may charge additional fees for particular services. What about Biotexcom?



    I don’t think they would charge any additional fees. You have to sign up a contract with the clinic. According to this contract, the clinic would charge only a fixed sum. They don’t ask to do any additional tests. You may visit the Biotexcom official website and find the entire list of tests required for ED IVF there. If you are going to book several shots, your payment may be divided into several installments. You may do the payment either in cash or via a bank transfer.



    Sounds not bad! It’s great that the clinic charges only a fixed sum. At any rate, you’ll be able to plan your expenses. Hun, you’ve written that the clinic is situated in Ukraine. It’s pretty far away from the USA. Why have you chosen this country. The country is at war. For me, it’s not the best place to go.



    The things about Ukraine aren’t as bad as you may think. We’ve chosen this country as our final destination because reproductive health service is well developed in Ukraine. The clinics there are quite reputable and have high success rates. In addition, they don’t charge much for their services. We decided to deal with Biotexcom. This clinic is situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. When we visited this city, it was rather peaceful and safe place. I should say we quite liked the city. It turned to be so modern and old at the same time. We didn’t have to look for an apartment as the clinic provided us with a comfortable three-room flat not far from the city center. When we came to Kiev, the clinic’s representatives sent a driver to meet us. He took us to the clinic where got acquainted with our program coordinator and the RE. Our program coordinator was our interpreter and helped us to communicate with the clinic’s staff. They even provided us with free meals! It was very handy!
    P.S. It’s quite safe to visit Kiev. The seems to be modern and old at the same time. In addition, it’s a very cheap place.



    Hi, there! We also plan to visit Ukraine to look for a nice reproductive clinic to get DE IVF. Johanna, could you please share the list of the tests the clinic requires for this procedure?
    P.S. The thing is I’m infertile because of a low ovarian reserve. We’ve tried to conceive naturally for nearly 5 years. I’m sick and tired of all these things, and I want to be a mom soon. This is the main reason why every single piece of information is so valuable for me.

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