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speech therapy

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    Amy D

    Where might I seek out speech therapy for a toddler? Any suggestions on the best therapy avenues around Dallas?


    Ruenda E.

    I will be taking my 2 year old son to speech therapy in February to Our Childrens House at Baylor, I have not taken him there yet but they have several locations through out the metroplex and provide several services to kids. There website is filled with tons of information. I hope this has helped a little.


    Kari B

    If your toddler is under 3, ECI would be a great place to start. My son has been a part of the program since 18 months. He’s now 2.5, and we have seen great results. We also have a private speech therapist in Allen that we love. The combination of ECI and private speech therapy has been invaluable.

    If your child is 3 or older, contact your local school district. They offer speech therapy programs among others.

    Information on local ECI programs can be found here:



    If your child is under age 3, look up Early Childhood Intervention and give them a call. The evaluation is free and they can determine whether your child does (or doesn’t) need speech, physical or occupational therapy. My son did PT, OT and speech with them. This is a state program and if your child qualifies, it is income-based fee.

    If over 3, your child will be served by his/her school district’s services, so you would need to call them and inquire about how to start the process.

    There are also private speech therapy programs and you should be able to get a referral from your ped.


    Definitely Children’s or Baylor in my opinion


    Amy D

    That you for the replies. I, too, have heard great things about Early Childhood Intervention.

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