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Weaning a 17month old

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    Lisa G

    I work full time and am still nursing my 17month old daughter. I dont pump anymore. My job became too demanding and cann only slip away to grab lunch let alone 3pumping sessions. My daughter nurses on demand when were are home and still cosleeps. I’m feeling torn. I love the bonding but she’s very antsy when she nurses. From pinching, kicking, twisting, wriggling to biting. She’s rarely still. It hurts at times. Does anyone have any experience gently weaning a toddler. I don’t want her to feel rejected.


    Rebecca H

    First off, I just want to say that you have done an amazing job! You work full time & you’re still nursing at 17 mos! Well done, momma! Give yourself a pat on the back! Concerning nursing an active toddler, I gave mine a break when biting occurred & said something like, “oh, no biting.” and then took her off. When she seemed ready again, we started over. Definitely decreased the biting! Perhaps that type of technique would help with the other behaviors. As far as weaning goes, I offered drinks when she wanted to nurse & had a fairly consistent meal schedule. I also decreased the length of time nursing & eventually she transitioned to life without nursing over a 2-3 month process. Good luck & hang in there! Hopefully lots of snuggles & not rushing the process will help you both wean without either feeling rejected! 😉



    My LO is 13 months old. I feed her in the morning before going to work and at night. She has a sippy cup at school. We co-sleep. She isn’t as interested in Breastfeeding for nutrition as much as for comfort. Maybe you could offer some snuggles or other bonding. That make help with the transition.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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