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Foster Your Child’s Sense of Adventure with Camp SciKidz

This post has been sponsored by Camp SciKidz as part of our 2016 Summer Camp Guide. All opinions are 100% our own! 

When you were younger, what did you want to grow up to be? As a child I remember wanting to be an explorer, like Christopher Columbus! There’s something about sailing into the unknown and not knowing what you’re going to find that appeals to a young mind. At its heart what I wanted to do was discover the unknown. Childhood curiosity and wonderment are traits we want to foster and today we have more resources than ever to encourage our youngsters to explore and discover! One such resource is Camp SciKidz!

What is the mission at Camp SciKidz? 

club-scikidz-dallas-summer-camp-9-11-e1441146184716-300x200Camp SciKidz, was founded on the principle that parents want to provide their children with exciting, challenging, and life impacting academic enrichment experiences. Camp SciKidz is committed to demonstrating how science works in the real world by providing activities in veterinary medicine, robotics, forensics, video game creation, food science, paleontology, engineering, chemistry and biology, astronomy, oceanography, emergency medicine and special effects.

Why should parents send their kids to Camp SciKidz? 

If you want your child to have a memorable week, where they are encouraged to explore, imagine, and dream big, then Club SciKidz is the right fit for you!  Club SciKidz Dallas has been host to more than 7,000 kids in the past 7 years, and we are growing each year!

What sessions does Camp SciKidz offer? 

This summer, Camp SciKidz is offering 23 different themed science camps! The camps focus on robotics, Minecraft game design, emergency veterinarian medicine, video game creation, and many more interesting topics! Club SciKidz currently operates in Addison, Dallas, and Frisco and has a wide-range of engaging lessons for children aged 4-12. Most camps are full-day, 1 week programs, but they do offer efore camp and after camp add-on hours.

Here’s a sampling of the programs Club SciKidz is offering this summer – visit their website to see the complete list!

club-scikidz-dallas-summer-camp-6-84-5 Year Old Camps:

  • Jr. Meteorologist – Your camper will learn how to measure and record rainfall, create a water cycle wheel, build a weather station, learn about the Greenhouse Effect, create a terrarium, design their own tornadoes, create “snow” during the summer, and more! Before you know it, your Jr. Meteorologist will be doing the weather on the 6 o’clock news!
  • Little Scientist – This unique camp will offer an incredible collection of projects and experiments that will amuse and amaze your little scientist! By being involved with hands-on activities, your child will explore the basic scientific ideas that play a role in everyday life.

6-8 Year Old Camps:

  • Jr. Video Game Maker – Campers will be using a software program from MIT called Scratch. The program was designed for children, and teaches them the basics of programing as they create animated stories, video games, and interactive artwork.

  • Jolly Roger– Arrrrrrrg! Welcome Me Hearties! Join us as we sail away on our pirate adventure and explore the crystal blue oceans searching for sea life, gold, gems, and maybe even some buried treasure! Your pirate will learn valuable skills such as map making, orienteering, and knot tying. Oceanography was never this much fun!  

  • Little Robot Mechanic – Campers will learn about the six simple machines and how they are incorporated into more complex machines. Campers will also learn about circuits and power sources as they build our “Mars-like” RC Rover.

  • Young Physician – Make NO bones about it; this camp is for the aspiring doctor in your family! Campers will learn that their bodies are miles of blood vessels, hundreds of muscles, many thousands of hairs, a furnace, a filter, AND a fancy computer! Your Young Physician will really have a pulse on the human body with this camp!

  • Grossology – Campers will discover loads of horribly fantastic experiments! Projects focus on blood, bones and body bits! This is science with the squishy bits left in it. Tons of chemistry and biology for the aspiring doctor or scientist!

9-12 Year Old Camps:

  • Robot Mechanic– Campers will learn about the science of robotics with historical information, discoveries, and advances in robot technology. Newton’s Laws will be emphasized all week and each camper will receive three robot kits to work on. Campers will be able to take home their remote controlled robots!

  • Special Effects– Newly revised and more exciting than ever, campers learn the science behind Hollywood’s special effects. Activities will demonstrate concepts related to light, sound, perception, illusion, and model building. One of the great features of this camp is that all campers will create (and take home!) a movie using techniques in Claymation and Stop-Motion Animation. Lessons include plot development, story boarding, set building, filming, and sound effects.

  • Video Game Maker– This is the camp for those that want to let their creativity run wild while creating a video game that others want to play. Club SciKidz uses Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam to teach campers how to build two-dimensional video games. This software provides an easy-to-use game-authoring environment that allows campers to create many types of computer games, screen savers, and other applications.


If you’re interested in learning more about Club SciKidz of Dallas or registering your child up for a summer of adventure? Visit their website here!

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