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Free Makes Anything More Fun

A while ago I posted about Fun things to do in Downtown Dallas with your kids.  And I’ve got to admit, I was pretty embarrassed that we had not taken advantage of First Tuesdays at the Dallas Museum of Art.  It’s practically a whole day dedicated to fun things for kids to do right in my back yard, for FREE!!  So this past Tuesday I set out to make it right!  I loaded up the stroller with snacks and drinks, put on my walking shoes and we trekked on over to the DMA.

The museum packs the day pretty full of events, which is perfect for the older kiddos!  There’s story time, art tables, stories and song time, and Arturo (a bird puppet) comes around to say hi and tell more stories.  The art projects range from simple tracing with coloring pencils to more difficult art projects, with the museum providing fun art supplies!

But it has the perfect set-up for younger toddlers also.  We spent the majority of our time in the play area near the courtyard.  It has blocks, magnets, and a drawing area for the little ones to explore.  Miles had fun drawing, playing with the magnets and letting me chase him around and around.

Once he was bored with that area, there was still the rest of the kids area to explore!  We found another room perfect for the under 2 crowd as well as older kids — the Tech Lab. Here Miles and his friend Max got to explore bugs, books and some very fun puzzles.

Miles and Max approve!

But what impressed me the most was that the whole thing is so well organized.  There’s staff everywhere telling parents what event is happening next and where to go.  There were helpful museum guards keeping an eye on kids to make sure they don’t go where they’re not supposed to.  And everyone was so friendly and kind!  When Miles was running away from me and about to touch something he shouldn’t, the nicest guard smiled and laughed with me at how fast he is.  Then later when Miles ran away and was hiding around a corner, the guard laughed at how clever he is!  It was so nice to feel welcome and wanted even though I can only imagine how overwhelming all those kids running around could get!

If you haven’t been, definitely hop on the DART and take your kids.  Everyone will love it!   And maybe next time I won’t be rushed home by the tornado sirens and I can stay and enjoy some of the adult art as well!


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  1. DrMomsie May 10, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    I have the summer off work to spend with my 13 month old and I’ve been looking for fun suggestions of things to do in DFW.  I’m creating a list on my blog  If readers have more ideas, come add them to my page!

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