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My Go-To Food Gifts (That Aren’t Expensive!)

the corner bakery, cinnamon creme coffee cake

Do you ever just need a last-minute gift and want to know where you can grab something easy and thoughtful for a teacher, friend, classmate, hostess or even just a thank you present?  Today I’m detailing some beautiful, yet inexpensive, food gift ideas that you will want to file away. 

I love giving consumable gifts. There is something satisfactory about knowing a gift will be enjoyed and savored by the recipient. But as a busy mom I also like to give things that don’t require a lot of attention. Pick it up and drop it off in the same errand run, if you know what I mean!

Before I get to my list, a little tip: my secrect to stress-free gift-giving is that I keep the following things in my car: scissors, tape, tissue paper, gift tags, and ribbon. Trust me, having these things in your console will save you lots of trips to CVS!

In no particular order, here are my go-to gourmet gifts: 

1. The Corner Bakery Cinnamon Creme Coffee Cake 

Coffee cakes are great because they can be eaten for breakfast or dessert! The Corner Bakery has two sizes – the smaller one is $12.99 (top photo) and the larger one is $19.99 – and they come wrapped in cellophane and a seasonal ribbon. (I added that burlap one, but it’s not necessary!). Great for teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, or for a friend that just had a baby. Stick a tag on it and you’re done! 

2. Nothing Bundt Cakes’ Bundtlets

teacher gift, nothing bundt cakes, dallas, gift idea

As a gift blogger I am often asked if there is a minimum amount one should spend on a gift. Honestly, I truly believe it’s the thought that counts (and what fits your budget!). Most of the the time a beautifully packaged lesser-priced gift will look more appealing than a carelessly wrapped, more expensive gift. For example. how adorable is this Nothing Bundt Cake “bundtlet” for a gift for a Bible Study teacher or ballet instructor? These are $3.99 but for $2.00 more they will wrap it like so (worth it!). An even better deal: for $13.97 they will stack three bundtlets on top of each other and tie with ribbon for an adorable present!

3.  Central Market DIY Gourmet Gift 


Central Market grocery sacks are so fun they make darling gift bags! If you have the supplies I listed above in your car you can easily put together a cute gift! Great for bringing dinner to a family or dropping off some gourmet cheeses and wines as a thank you present. Around the holidays, I like to give camembert cheese, a jar of fig preserves, crackers, and red wine – an easy hor d’oeuvre for people to have on hand!  

4. Bread from Your Favorite Bakery!

target flour sack, breadwinners, gourmet gift, last minute gift

I love giving fruit breads from Breadwinners – so easy to wrap with the ribbon you have in your car (remember I said it would come in handy!).  I also keep a few of these Target flour sack towels in my gift “closet” at home because it makes such a lovely presentation (and they can use the towel!). But, again, if you are short on time – just wrap with ribbon and your gift tag and be done with it. 

5. Festive Kitchen Goat Cheese and Cashew Log

last minute gift, dallas gift, festive kitchen

This is a seasonal item Festive Kitchen in University Park has during the holidays and it is amazing! I love that it is already wrapped and ready to go for an easy hostess gift. Pair with a bottle of wine and crackers or give solo. I bought one to bring to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, but lost all self-control and ate it the night before we left – oops!

6. Gourmet Popcorn Gift

gourmet popcorn, uptown popcorn, gift, dallas blogger,

I like Uptown Popcorn in NorthPark Center but really any bag of gourmet popcorn can be dressed up with ribbon for a delicious gift for under $10. I sometimes give the colorful confetti popcorn for classmates’ birthday gifts because, really, who needs any more toys?! Tip: I now ask to write on the popcorn bag myself so I can use a more festive writing and sign my name! (Hashtag: #typeA!). 

6. Trader Joe’s Gourmet Goodies!


I can’t take credit for this one. My friend, Lindsey, stacked two of these Trader Joe’s cakes on top of each other and wrapped with ribbon and left on my front porch. Simple, but still thoughtful! Also, during the holidays, Trader Joe’s has so many gourmet gifts for under $10 – including the Harry & David box of pears, which sells out fast! 

What are your favorite go-to food gifts? Share below!



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