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Goat Yoga :: Why You Should Try It

Goat Yoga is the latest exercise craze sweeping the nation.  Since I am easily distracted by baby goats, I took it upon myself to try a few Goat Yoga classes so I could give a review and some tips for our Dallas Mom’s Blog readers.  What is Goat Yoga?  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s yoga with cute goats running around, snuggling with you and sometimes climbing up on you for epic photos! 

goat yoga

My favorite moment of Goat Yoga at Four Bullets Brewery.

I’ve tried a few types of classes at a few different locations.  Goat Yoga seems to be popping up everywhere, so here is a breakdown of what you can expect if you sign up for this fun, unique exercise opportunity.  First of all, you don’t have to even be good at yoga!  I haven’t done any organized yoga in years, but dusted off my old yoga mat and went for it.  I had the help of other crazy, goat lady friends who encouraged me to attend the classes.  But the best part is, if you are new to the area, or don’t have close friends nearby, you make tons of new friends at Goat Yoga!  Everyone around you instantly becomes your pal and you guys socialize, take photos for each other and coo at the baby goats together.  If you are a serious yogi, it’s cool too.  Just don’t be surprised if you are the best person in class and remember to let yourself enjoy the casual moment for what it is.  It is not strenuous yoga for experts.  People are going to be giggling and taking photos as opportunities arise. 

Also, poop happens!  It’s totally fine.  As parents we have experienced way worse.  But if it bothers you, bring a small package of wet wipes so you can clear it off your area if it happens on your mat.  Each place I’ve done Goat Yoga at also has sanitizer available for patrons and some had sweepers coming around to clean up behind the goats.  My last bit of advice is wear long pants and a tee with sleeves.  Don’t wear your best yoga clothes.  Goats have hard hooves and when they come up to you, you occasionally get a hoof in the leg.  Wearing more concealing clothes helps minimize any scratch that may occur.  If you do get scratched, it’s usually totally worth it.  It means a goat wanted to play with, or on, you.

goat yoga

Look at this face!! Who wouldn’t love Goat Yoga?

Nash Farms in Grapevine, TX, has had several Goat Yoga events which are usually held early Saturday morning.  There are currently no upcoming events lined up for the farm, but follow them on Facebook and you’ll get a pop up the next time they schedule a Goat Yoga class.  There was an overwhelming response to their first scheduled sessions, so I am sure it is returning soon.  Yoga at Nash Farms was so peaceful and fun.  My friends and I attended a 7 AM Saturday class, which sounds incredibly early.  But when we got out there, had some coffee and peacefully stretched while the sun rose, it was incredibly zen.  The goats were so fun and would come up to you and eat or play in exchange for a cup of food (provided by Nash Farms).

goat yoga

Goat Yoga at sunrise at Nash Farms in Grapevine, TX.

I also attended a Goat Yoga with rescue goats at Four Bullets Brewery in Richardson, TX.  Here’s Your Reminder is a non-profit organization that rescues animals and works to treat mental health issues through the care of their rescues.  Their general motto is simply to be kind, which is something minor, but we could all use a little more kindness in our world today.  This organization encourages *not* so random acts of kindness for people in your life because you never know if they are mentally suffering, stressed or sad.  Here’s Your Reminder brings out their rescue goats and sets up a lighthearted yoga class meant to please.  Volunteers help guide goats around with snacks as you exercise so they can cuddle up to you or jump on you (if you are a crazy, goat lady like me.)  The best part about this is that all of the ticket sales for the Goat Yoga go directly to the care and feeding of the rescue goats.  Because it was also at a local brewery, we got to taste a delicious beer from Four Bullets Brewery with our yoga entry fee.  Don’t drink beer?  I bet you’d make an instant friend if you handed your drink ticket to the person doing yoga next to you. 

goat yoga

Here’s Your Reminder event at Four Bullets Brewery.

Here’s Your Reminder has an upcoming events on Nov. 11 and Nov. 17.  You can find event information about it here:

Whether you love supporting a good cause, love finding your inner peace doing yoga on a farm, or just want a silly day out with girlfriends or your partner, Goat Yoga is such a good idea.  It’s kind of hard to have a bad time when you are petting friendly goats and working out.  As parents we need opportunities to do fun stuff with other adults and cut loose or we will make ourselves more stressed out.  Take it from this crazy, goat-loving momma.  A great stress reliever is fun with cute baby goats!


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