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Hold on to your Hats, Dallas Families: Hat Creek Burger Co. is Coming to North Texas

This post has been sponsored by Hat Creek Burger Co. All opinions are 100% our own!

As an Austin-Dallas transplant, there are definitely things I miss about Austin, mainly food and old friends. When I heard that Hat Creek was expanding to our neck of the woods, my mouth literally started watering. The burgers!  That Hat sauce and fries! Breakfast tacos made with Vital Farms eggs! My 2 year old daughter had so much Hat Creek in utero, it’s basically a given that she’s pretty darn excited too. But Hat Creek is more than just good food or a new burger place, it’s an experience that will make you file away those take-out menus and embrace the wild world of dining out with children. 

Why am I counting the days until Hat Creek opens in North Texas?  Here are just a few reasons I just can’t wait.

Have fun, kiddos!

Kids get to act like kids. Raise your hand if you dread the thought of trying to contain your toddler in a highchair while you scarf down your food in record time?  Hat Creek is a place where kids can get the crazies out and adults can take a breath, and have a conversation with a local beer or glass of wine in peace. When they plan each new location, they start with the question “Where will the play area go?” The result? Seriously legit play spaces for kids of all ages. Slides, climbing walls, and custom travel trailers built out for play, complete with a steering wheel for endless “driving.”  I could barely pry my stage-five clinger away to leave at the end of the evening, which was gloriously shocking. And, moms, no worries, germ-lurking ball pits are nowhere in site. 

Food for EVERYONE. Gluten-free, vegan, carb-counting, dairy-free, Hat Creek has a diverse menu that checks all the boxes. Everything is made to order, so your picky eater is guaranteed to find something meeting their approval, and you won’t mind “trying” lots of bites to model how good it is. I especially love their salads, which are full of delicious greens and handmade dressing, not the typical after-thought menu item at some burger restaurants. 

Just how i love salads…with a side of fries!

Such budget-friendly specials, everyone gets what they want. On family night, burgers are half price. So when two of your kids are too busy playing to be bothered to eat, no harm, no foul. And $1 beer nights? You can’t beat that. Welcome to the new family happy hour!

Multi-taskers unite! Around the perimeter of the play area are some awesome chairs built for getting stuff done, complete wine glass and laptop holders, as well as a spot for your food.  Ok, now is about when you are starting to wonder if you can just move in to Hat Creek. And this is key for all of you work from home mamas; you might even get some emails returned while you are close enough to keep an eye (and ear) on your kids. 

Breakfast is important. Moms know the struggle is real when it comes to exhausting your little ones sufficiently in the morning hours so that they have a good long nap in the afternoon. At Hat Creek, they can climb and run and jump while you sit and enjoy a breakfast taco, Cuvée coffee, and some free wi-fi. 

Hat Creek Burgers Co. is coming Fall 2017 to McKinney and Dallas/Rowlett/Allen in Spring of 2018. Be sure to stay connected to Hat Creek Burger Co. through their newsletter and Facebook for up-to-date information on their grand openings! 


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