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How One Bad Habit Cost Me Thousands – Confessions of an Online Shopper

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Am I the only one who never shops in an actual store anymore? (My mother-in-law is literally the only person I know who loves to shop in real “brick and mortar” stores these days.) When I think of something I may need (or want, let’s be honest), I immediately find it online and ((ADD TO CART!))

The main reasons I like to do the majority of my shopping online are simple: convenience and price. It is super convenient for me to shop online because I sit at a computer for about 10 hours a day. The moment I think of something, I can just click around for 10 seconds until I find it and buy it. (It is a little scary how quickly and easily I do my online shopping.) However, my worst habit when shopping online is what I like to call “zombie clicking.” 

“Zombie clicking” is when you think of something you want to buy online, go to everyone’s favorite online, prime-time retailer (ahmm… Amazon), and assume you’re getting the best deal while not having to wait more than 2 days to receive your item. I have loved this new trend of getting things online and having them in-hand so quickly, but the speed and convenience has clouded my judgment around price comparisons. I have become a zombie, thinking that everything I am getting from the big behemoth is also at the best price. Not the case! You guys, I have discovered an online retailer where every day is Black Friday, and they give back to your favorite charity with every purchase!


Give10Back is an online retailer that believes that everyone loves a great deal. They also believe that people want to help make the world a better place. Give10Back makes it easy to do both! They are a real, online, retail alternative that actually saves consumers lots of money. Find your favorite brand-name products at deeply discounted prices (up to 75% off).

How do they do this? They have stocked up on excess merchandise that retailers have manufactured and have no place to store the goods. Everything is brand new, just like you would find direct from the store, but due to inefficiencies in the supply chain, they have landed in the hands of Give10Back who are selling everything at deep discounts!


I even checked it out for myself, and did a little price comparison with my main go-to online shopping retailer vs Give10Back. I went through my last 5 purchases on Amazon and did a price comparison to see what I would have saved if I had bought the same items on Give10Back. I was shocked!

Cascade Detergent Dishwasher Gel 45oz – Paid $15.00, but Give10Back had for $5.15
Potential savings = $9.85

Clorox Pine-Sol Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer, 144 oz – Paid $12.12, but Give10Back had for $9.99
Potential savings = $2.13

Case of 6 Everyone Lavendar Coconut Hand Soap – 12.75 fl oz – Paid $23.94, but Give10Back had for $16.99
Potential savings = $6.95

Copper Fit Zip-Front Seamless Sports Bra in White with Black Trim – Paid $27.99, but Give10Back had for $13.99
Potential savings = $14.00

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover And Color Booster Packs – 40 loads – Paid $12.49, but Give10Back had for $7.69
Potential savings = $4.80

(and this order would qualify for free shipping!)

I was very impressed with the cost savings overall – on ONE order!! Wow. They offer free shipping on orders over $50, which is a big reason most people mindlessly go to Amazon for their shopping in the first place. Over the past year, I estimate that I could have saved THOUSANDS of dollars on things I have purchased online if I had just been a better consumer and known that there are a sea of options out there for me. I know that I am not likely to quit Amazon completely, but there is another huge reason that I will stop by Give10Back first. 

Give10Back is not just an online retailer, but also a great way to give back to your favorite charitable organization.

When you sign up, you can choose your favorite charity from a list, and 10% of every order you place is donated directly to that organization. If just 1,000 moms in Dallas bought 1 item per month from Give10Back they’d save, on average, $1.2 million dollars per year AND about $120,000 dollars would be donated back into our community through donations on every purchase. What an incredible impact we can make, just from vowing to not be a “zombie clicker”.

Before you do ANY holiday shopping this season, make sure to check out because between now and November 28, 2017, our readers are invited to save an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF any purchases you make. There’s no limit to how many times you can use your free promo code. So, go now! Get your FREE PROMO CODE TODAY:



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